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"The next video is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! 

Perhaps it is just my sense of humour but if you are fan of the Super Mario games, then you will probably appreciate this.
The video shows an American gamer called Chonny, commenting as he plays a game called Cat Mario (also known as Shobon Action) for the 1st time. 

The game looks like Mario (green pipes, mushrooms, coins  etc), and it controls like Mario (jump and run), but Chonny soon finds out that the game is a lot more unexpected and difficult than expected.

The commentary from Chonny is hilarious ("What the F*%K!!" is a common response!) as he dies virtually every 15 seconds, and  just when he thinks he is safe, he dies again! 

His incredulous reactions and increasing frustration make this video instant comedy gold.


(Note: if you want a laugh -get a friend who hasn't played Cat Mario to have a try, and watch their reaction as they fail time and time again!)"

Pang Man

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