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I am currently knee deep in great video games related things I want to tell you about.

Each 'thing' could warrant its own article but there's only one of me and I am just bursting to tell you about these awesome things which range from cool Kickstarters to gorgeous new games.

So let me unload my email inbox into your mind so as you can see some of the exciting things in the video games world that you may not have stumbled upon yet....

Eyes Down For A Full House!

1. An Illustrated History Of Game Controllers
Player One: An Illustrated History of Game Controllers Vol.1 details a selection of joysticks and game controllers from 1972 to 1989.

Electronic Tabletop Mini Arcade

COMING SOON TO KICKSTARTER! - Fat Mask is a local multiplayer game in which you 

acrobatically create giant monsters by merging smaller monster pieces together. 

Watch out for other players trying to steal your monsters!

A new market in London will only sell retro games

Enjoy your favorite Amiga and other "retro" video games on your mobile phone, tablet or "smart" TV using the Retro Infinity Player

A cool blog that I have really enjoyed reading recently

'One Of Them' is a martial arts, action adventure, platformer being made by one man game dev Jason Campbell

Colliding Forces is a turn-based physics and strategy game that puts you in control of the four elements

A Computer Games Museum that demands your full attention

Kingdom is a unique pixel art game designed by Thomas van den Berg (Noio), a brilliant and young Dutch game developer. 

Build and defend a village in a Japanese folklore-inspired world. This modern homage to SNES classics even helps you study Japanese!

Dynamic Top-Down Shooter with stealth elements, made in a Western theme

Super Oath Breakers is a fast paced, multiplayer, dungeon crawler for the PC

Two geeks have a connection deeper than their online role-playing obsession, they've just been too busy playing games to realise

Pizza Brave is a widely known pizza delivery franchise with many establishments in various points of planet Earth and nearby solar systems. Nobody knows exactly when or where the company was created, but rumors say its origin can be traced back to the beginning of Egyptian civilization

Now That Is A Weight Off My Inbox And Hopefully An Insight Into The Amazing Projects & Things That Are Bubbling Nicely In The World Of Video Games Right Now!

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