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Last Weekend I Attended A Charity Auction In Aid Of My Best Friend's Daughter To ensure That She Received The Best Specialist Treatment Possible For Her Particular Conditions.
As part of that auction the generous folks over at Funstock.Co.Uk donated the Commodore Amiga Visual Compendium to be auctioned off. How cool is that!?

Well, at the auction the Commodore Amiga Visual Compendium sold for double its retail price at a cracking £62.50!!
The buyer of the book was…….ME!
So is this cool piece of retrogaming goodness published by Bitmap Books any good?
Let's have a look shall we?

The first thing about this book that hits you hard is the sheer quality of the images within. I just couldn't keep my eyes of each page as I delved into the history of the beautiful machine.

It starts with a really cool introduction from Stoo Cambridge of Sensible fame as he sets out exactly why the Amiga is such a special machine.

Then the book moves through the history of the machine from its' creation and design and then onto the games that made the machine so special.

Each page has a quote from a notable industry person in relation to the Amiga.

The screenshots that adorn the pages take you right back to the glory days of the Amiga and they make you yearn to play all those classic games again.

A really awesome Cinemaware feature stood out and made me remember just how much IT Came From The Desert changed my view of what video games could be. 

Then there's the BIG BOX art ....

Don't you just miss those big boxes and their beautiful artwork.

Thenostalgia glands were rushing whilst reading this marvel of a book and still now I can't put it down. 

It seems to come everywhere with me!

(Bed, Breakfast, Work, Toilet, Sofa, Garden, Trampoline........)

As an extra special treat there's a part of the visual compendium devoted to the games that never were in the unreleased Amiga games section......very cool

Overall it was £62.50 well spent especially when you consider the good cause the money went to!

(usual RRP is £29.99 @ Funstock Use FREEZER code for a discount)

I can fully recommend that you purchase this beautiful book today as if you are anything like me, it will not leave your side.

Now i'm about to have another look at that James Pond screenshot again whilst I reminisce about the good ol' Amiga days.....

Have You Bought This Beauty Yet?

Let Me Know What YOU Think Of This Book In The Comments Box Below

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