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As I don my rose tinged spectacles and hook myself up to my freshly filled bottle of nostalgia fluid I take a trip down memory lane to a time when colourful wrestling characters filled my thoughts and events like Summer Slam and Wrestlemania defined my year.
It was of course the early 90's when Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior ruled the ring and were more than ably supported by an amazing selection of great wrestlers with awesome characters such as Legion Of Doom, Bushwackers, Nasty Boys, Sgt Slaughter, Undertaker (& Paul Bearer), Macho Man Randy Savage, Jake The Snake Roberts, Million Dollar Man. Mr Perfect, Bret The Hitman Hart, British Bulldog, The Rockers, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Natural Disasters and Big Boss Man to name a few!

What a great time to watch wrestling it was! 

The WWF was awesome entertainment and I loved every minute of it.
At the same time as these great colourful wrestlers there was also some awesome arcade games that depicted wrestling in a way that really caught the mood of the time. 

Still now when I look back at these games the visuals are special as they depict the characters of the time perfectly (including Mean Jean Okerland).
I lost interest in the WWF around the time it turned to WWE and welcomed in the likes of The Rock etc and so my view of the video games era doesn't really go any further than SNES roughly about the time when the RAW series was introduced.

I've been looking through the cool arcade games and the console versions of the WWF games of the era and I am going to give you my personal top 5 wrestling games from the golden age of WWF.
"Ladies & Gentlemen, It's Time to Get It On!"


1. Wrestlefest (Arcade)
With awesome entrances and nice big chunky pixel characters this is the quintessential 90's Wrestling Video Game. A work of art.

2. WWF Superstars (Arcade)
The original WWF arcade game that took my breath away from the very first moment I played it. Those cool Wrestlemania entrance trolleys and the smaller style characters set it apart from Wrestlefest.

3. Wrestle War (SEGA Megadrive / Genesis)
Even though it wasn't WWF it was definitely one of the games that took up most of my time on the Megadrive when it was released. I just loved the opening sound byte "WELCOME TO WRESTLE WAR!"

4. Pro Wrestling (SMS)
By far the most simplistic game on my list but I had so much fun playing this little corker of a Mexican Wrestling on my lovely Master Sega Master System. The Boston Crab was my personal favourite move from the game as the little on screen dudes scrapped it out. Happy Days!

5. Super Wrestlemania (SNES)
I ogled this game for months on end when I first saw the preview in issue 18 of Mean Machines and when I finally got to play it, maybe it didn't really live up to my expectations but that didn't stop me playing the heck out of it!

What's Your Favourite Wrestling Video Game Of All Time?

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