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As I walked through London this afternoon I started to think about the video games that I had played that featured London as its key location

Surprisingly I couldn't really think of many. 

Cops N Robbers
The first game that immediately sprang to mind was the awesome Getaway (2002) which I played endlessly on PS2. A great game which really had a gritty inner London feel to it and got the architecture and tone just right. At the time I had never played anything quite like it. There was also the follow up game Black Monday which I recently purchased  but haven't played half as much as the original

The other game that immediately springs to mind is GTA LONDON (1999). These additions to the original GTA  were a caricature of 60's London with a raft of popular culture references from the time. The soundtrack and voicing of this game was perfectly London and I loved it.
Those two games were the only two games that I could think of which had the London link. 

There were obviously those games more recently that had a passing reference to London such as Tomb Raider 3 (1998), Resistance (2006), Call Of Duty MW3 (2011), Uncharted 3 (2011), Mass Effect 3 (2012) but London wasn't the key location.

Come One, Come All To Londinium
With London being such an iconic city with instantly recognisable landmarks you'd think it would be a perfect setting for many a video game over the years. 

For me personally I would enjoy nothing more than a post apocalyptic wander around the streets of London in the latest Fallout for example. Imagine that! The highlight for me would be clearing out the Feral Ghouls from Tottenham Court Road underground station! Or maybe sneaking into a Behemoth infested Madame Tussauds to cleanse the once world famous tourist attraction. Maybe I could set up camp at the abandoned London eye once I've cleared out the Raiders.

The possibilities are endless and the London game world would be huge and lots of fun to explore overground and underground! 

I wonder why more developers don't take advantage of London and its instantly recognisable cityscape?

Can you think of any video games that you've played over the years that have featured London? 

Let me know in the comments box below.


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