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The Triple Trese Brothers (there's 3 bros now) Are Back With Possibly Their Best Video Game Yet!

My favourite Indie Game Dev's Are Preparing To Launch Their Latest Video Game Onto Steam Next Tuesday 22nd September.....


I AM.................

I'm a full on geek when it comes to army building and strategic combat and luckily for me the Treses are delivering exactly that in their latest triumph of a game.

TEMPLAR BATTLEFORCE is the fourth game set in Trese Brothers Games’ *Star Traders* sci-fi universe and it's a cracker of a game. 

I've had the pleasure to play the Beta and it's a joy to play. If you've played any of the Trese Bros other offerings then you wont be disappointed with the style, storyline and atmosphere that this latest game brings.

Take a look at the trailer to get a taster for what it's all about.........

In Templar Battleforce you are equipped with your very own Leviathan Mech as you take the role of a mighty Templar Knight commander and you get to lead your team of specialized Templar Knights to victory against terrifying Xenos.

You will get the opportunity to create and customize your battleforce to deal with any tactical situation. You'll employ the skills of  Scouts, flamethrowing Hydras, Engineers, Sentry Turrets, and Berserkers. 

Templar Battleforce has a unique blend of army building and RPG gameplay which makes sure that no two teams are alike.

The Templars will fight by your side until the death. Each heroic victory improves abilities and combat skills. 

Looking after your troops is paramount because death is *PERMANENT*. 

If you lose one of your elite force this can be a big blow since you’ll then need to recruit less experienced warriors to boost your crew.

Combat scenarios vary from close-combat ruckus, corridor-to-corridor conflicts and tactical desert warfare with nothing but sand dunes to provide cover. Making sure you have the right squad to get the mission accomplished is critical if you want to progress in this awesome atmospheric tactical RPG package of awesome.

Who Are The Templar Knights Then?

Let's hear from the Trese Bros to explain who the Knights are...

"The Templar Knights are a martial order sworn to protect the Star Traders – the last known free humans. 

Under the guidance of the Templars and the prophet Shalun, the Star Traders departed the ruins of the Galactic Core -- leaving behind the desolation wrought by the great Galactic War. 

Guided by the prophet, the Star Traders sought a new home among the stars. Across the multi-generational journey of the Great Exodus, many ships have disappeared, fallen behind, or splintered from the main fleet -- scattering the Star Traders to the galactic winds.

With the Great Exodus coming to an end, the Star Traders founded new colonies on the few remaining habitable worlds. The Templar Knights are called upon once again to defend the Star Traders and their new colonies from an ancient threat."

Let The Space Battle Commence!
I'll be battling my way through this great game over the course of the next few weeks and there's a stack of missions to for me to get stuck into...

I'll let you know how I get on.......

Why don't you join me on my Templar journey by heading to Steam On Tuesday and getting involved.......

Templar Battleforce will be available on Steam for $9.99 (Windows and Mac) next Tuesday, September 22

All About The Treses'

"TRESE BROS BOILER PLATE"Founded in 2010, Trese Brothers Games is one of the premier indie game development studios for desktop and mobile RPG and strategy games. 

With more than six games on major game platforms and markets, Trese Brothers Games has more than 2.5 million customers . . . and counting. 

The studio is built on the mixed skills of three brothers: 

  • Cory is the oldest and the engineering ninja
  • Andrew is the middle brother, who both codes and draws
  • Martin, the youngest, is the artistic talent behind Templar Battleforce. 
To learn more about Trese Brothers Games, please visit: http://www.tresebrothers.com

Are You Looking Forward To This Morsel Of Entertainment Greatness From The Trese Bros?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

(i'm off to build my elite army of gnarled warriors)

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