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Carrying on with the Video Games Music theme of yesterday's article I have just fallen in love with music from another source........

I have just discovered the delights of the cool retro video games covers band


Who's In The Band?

Ivan Rojas - Guitars
Ed Pรฉrez - Bass
Pablo Segura – Drums and Percussion

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How Were NIM16 Formed?

The band was born in April 2014 during a friend’s pizza night gathering in Costa Rica.

All the band members were musicians from different bands who share a love for video games and anime. 

That night in 2014, the band members set out to do something different from what is usually heard on the local scene, a video games oriented band that plays out those childhood memories of the video game music experience that we can all relate to.
The name NIM16 comes from The Nimrod computer which was a special purpose built computer that played the game of Nim, designed and built by Ferranti and displayed at the Exhibition of Science during the 1951 Festival of Britain.

The "16" refers to the 16-bit games era of video games consoles.

Ed (bass) came up with the name through reading articles about gaming history and searching keywords or video games references. He came across the story of the "Nimrod computer" or "NIM".

Previously, Ivan and Pablo were in bands that played anime openings in local festivals, however, the day NIM was formed the band came up with the idea of doing something unique, so a project involving Video Game music seemed an excellent idea as well as being something the three band members liked. It was something that had not been done before in Costa Rica. 

The band realised that music is a very important element behind video games and the band truly love to pay tribute to this side of the video games world!

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What Instruments Do The Band Use?

Pablo Segura, drummer: 
Battery PDP Maple Custom 4-room, double pedal YAMAHA DFP 9500C and Zildjian ZBT cymbals

Ed Perez, bassist: 
Bass Yamaha RBX34 black color

Ivan Rojas, guitarist: 
ESP / LTD Alexi-200 Black and BC Rich red Mocking Bird.

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What Video Games Music Is The Pipeline?

The theme "Road to Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X. 
A medley for Chrono Cross with Time's Scar, Dream Of The Shore and Star Stealing Girl among others, would include a violin. 
Last but not least, a Contra medley for two melodic guitars.

How cool does all that sound?

Well now let's have a listen to some of the cool music that NIM have already recorded.

My personal favourite has got to be Guiles Theme!!

Hopefully you like what you have heard?

Check The Band Out Via:Video 

And watch out for their new upcoming material.

What Video Games Would YOU Like To See NIM16 Cover?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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