☆ 2016 -The PS4 Diaries Part 2 "Headsets Headache" ☆ #PS4 #GamersUnite

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The last week of my life has been spent obsessing over reviews and pictures of PS4 compatible headsets. 

This is my first foray into video games specific headsets and I didn't truly appreciate just how much there was to consider when making this purchase!! 

The market for gaming headsets is massive and is well over saturated. There's so many brands and specs and considerations to factor in and at one point I gave up and decided not to bother. 

Then I did a bit more research and discovered the type of headset I would require if I wanted to record audio using my headset for You Tube videos. 

Now I had narrowed my search criteria things became a bit easier for me.

This is my list of considerations for my purchase:

1. Price
With the price I was looking to see what cheap gets you. I found out quickly that although Tritton Kama are rated highly and only cost £20 there are obviously compromises on build and sound quality. So I decided my top end price would need to be around £60-£70 if I was to get a decent set with good sound quality and boom mic.

2. Review
I have been trawling reviews on TechRadar, Stuff, Engadget, Amazon and Tom's Hardware to get a feel for the critics and buying publics experience of the product through the reviews. It's a fair amount of leg work but it's been worth it and was definitely a learning experience as I soaked in the jargon and became proficient in headset.

3. Microphone Quality
The microphone was a tough thing to measure as some reviews omitted any mention of the quality and others delved deep into the pros and cons. At the end of it all I decided that I need a Boom mic to give my vocals the best chance of being heard on gameplay videos.

4. Deal Of The Day (Amazon)
All of my obsessive searching has caused me to become big fan of Amazon and the deals of the day tab on www.amazon.co.uk It's full of awesome deals that last for 24hours and I've seen a few headsets pop up on there already.

5. Direct To Manufacturer Price Check
Something that I have also learned that I didn't think would be the case is that the deals arnt always on Amazon and eBay they are quite often on the manufacturer websites as they offer cool online exclusive prices like what I found on Creative!

Now I have considered my approach and have done the leg work, this is my list of 4 that I'm considering.

1. Gioteck HC4

2. Hyper X Cloud 2

3. Sound Blaster Omega Wireless

4. Logitech G930

Still undecided I have decided to get your opinion on my shortlisted headphones to see if you can assist me in my choice dilemma!

What Headsets Would You Recommend For Me?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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