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There's a game on iOS that has been taking up my train and toilet time for the last few weeks and it's called SUPER DANGEROUS DUNGEONS..... 

I adore old school platform games that reward you for skill and are at times tough as nails, This game does both of these things in a very simple package.

Super Dangerous Dungeons has you take control of Timmy the 'tea leaf' who is also known as a 'treasure hunter'.

Timmy finds himself at the entrance of a dangerous dungeon that is ripe for exploration and looting (yeah, mainly looting).

Timmy then heads into the dangerous dungeon to face 4 dungeons with multiple levels and challenges. At the end of each dungeon Timmy will need to leg it away from an end of level boss whilst navigating his way past many dangerous obstacles and also being careful not to let the boss catch him up otherwise his dungeon looting days will be over.

Adventure Islands have made this game with an awesome look and feel of the old school retro platformer and if you think of Mario crossed with Alex Kidd then you are halfway there.

There is also some great music by KungFuFurby which brings the whole retro experience together nicely.

The thing I like about this game the most is it's a challenging precise game but it's not frustrating. You know how to beat each level but you have to concentrate and have the skills to do it. It's one of those games where you have to get in the zone to beat it. Jumps need to be timed (especially on the later levels) and patterns of obstacles need to be learned. You will therefore die A LOT (at least I did anyway!).

Dying is a learning mechanism and you will eventually start to get into the rhythm of the level and find yourself flying through stages. But then you come up against something that just requires a bit more thought.

The game also has a time trial mode for those that find themselves so in the rhythm of the game that they want to take it on for speed run kicks! 

Throw into the mix a set of sweet secret dungeons that you can discover in classic platformer style by falling down holes or walking through scenery that maybe you wouldn't normally. In these secret dungeons you get to discover hidden treasure!

This game is simple but does exactly what you want a great platformer to do.

Its fun and the controls are spot on. The controls being spot on is a massive thing in mobile gaming as the on screen directional and jump buttons are normally a massive pain in other platform games I've played. 

Adventure Islands have absolutely 100% nailed the controls so that you can never blame them for any untimely deaths in the game.

No one should underestimate how great this game is as it is essentially perfecting the old school platformer on a mobile device making this game perfect for toilet trips and train commutes which take up most of my living day!

If I had a ratings system then I'd give it 4.5 pointy spikes out of 5......


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