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This week I stumbled across an awesome website that covers something that I have always wanted to exist but could never find..................

This website is looking to create a directory of Video Games Arcades from across the WORLD!
The Arcade Universe website is aiming to become the biggest arcade map on the internet. The site is looking to map as many arcade locations in the world as possible. 

Currently the site has 170 locations and counting and is looking for opportunities to gather more Arcade locations from across the world!

Let's hear from the founder of the Arcade Universe to work out the inspiration for this awesome site:

"As a kid I have always been playing games. Boardgames, outdoor games, later the Commodore 64, PC, many consoles but arcades were always the love of my life. Now I am a couple of years *AHUM* older and I have 2 sons, it seems that although they are the “tablet” gaming generation, they enjoy arcade cabinets massively (but more importantly arcades in general). It seems that the gaming industry is becoming more and more based on the online individual and with that we are losing a great legacy that is fun for all ages and all generations.

I have created this website in order for people to rediscover the hidden gems of entertainment and old-fashioned fun which we know as the arcades. So let’s get our bums of our couches and let’s drag our friends and family to the closest arcade. This way we will have fun as it is intended…loud, colorful, overwhelming, offline and amongst friends… preferably with a beer and burger! ๐Ÿ˜€
I hope you all enjoy this website and that after your visit here you will visit more arcades than ever before! Enjoy!"
So..........this is where YOU come in.....
YOU Can Visit The Website @ 
& leave your Arcade Locations to help build the database up to an awesome size

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