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Over the last week or so I've been catching up with the Bombcast Podcast Game Of The Year Episodes. 

Bombcast game of the year is split into around 20 categories and these categories are discussed over the course of 5 consecutive days of podcasts. 

Each podcast lasts for around 2 hours of solid discussion centred around 4 categories in each episode.

It is intense discussion with lots of lively debate as the 5 or so Bombcast crew members try to whittle down a massive list to 3 clear title contenders for each category. 

The crew then rank those top 3 in order to give us a 1,2,3 for each of the categories. 

The award categories range from Best Style, Hottest Mess, Best Soundtrack and ultimately the overall Game Of The Year award.

This series of podcasts have been a fascinating journey through 2015's wide and diverse range of video games and it has opened my eyes to video games that I may not have discovered without the pitches for each game made by the Bombcast Crew as they attempt to get their fave games into the running to win the particular category that's being discussed.

As I have made my way through this awesome video games journey of 2015 I've been adding games to my 'to play' list for 2016 as I attempt to play 'catch up'

So here's my awesome Top 10 To Play games for my year of gaming in 2016.....

1. Fallout 4 (PS4)

"I still havn't got round to playing this yet as I have been trying to work my through Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection. My Wasteland return cometh"

2. Rocket League (PS4)

"This sounds like the most fun to be had in multiplayer EVER!!"

3. Rebel Galaxy (PS4)

"A 2 man dev team have created a space adventure that is special, it sounds like Firefly the video game"

4. Undertale (PC)

"A retro adventure with a real sense of humour"

5. Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain (PS4)

"I have played every Metal Gear game since Metal Gear Solid on PS1 and the more I hear about Phantom Pain the more I need this game"

6. Ori & The Blind Forest (PC)

"This sounds delightful and beautiful. A platform adventure love letter"

7. Grow Home (PS4)

"Something completely different that sounds delightful to play!"


"A thought provoking sc-fi horror survival game that sounds so absorbing"

9. Axiom Verge

"A Super Metroid for 2015/2016!"

10. Life is Strange

"A mega complex and intriguing story line with a super interesting core game mechanic that revolves around time travel"

So there we have it.......my initial stab at the games I need to play this year just to come somewhere near catching up with the rest of the world!! 

What's On YOUR 'To Play' List For 2016?

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