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Ironcast caught my eye immediately as a fusion of a few styles. Take Steampunk and add it into a Victorian London landscape. When I saw the screens I immediately thought of Walker on the Commodore Amiga.
Throw into that cool mix a ‘match 3’ game play mechanic and it would appear that on the surface of it you get a an interesting twist on a few styles of videogame.

Developer: Dreadbit Games
Formats: PC, MAC, Linux (Already Released) – Coming To PS4 on 1st March and XBOX ONE on 4th March
Genre: Match 3 / Roguelike / Mech Combat Strategy
Style: Steampunk
IronCast is actually out already on PC, MAC and Linux but is coming to PS4 on the 2nd of March and on Xbox One on 4th March. The PC Mac and Linux version was released after a successful Kickstarter campaign and now the next step in the IronCast journey is to make its way onto the major console platforms.
I’m going to be covering the PS4 release very closely as I have been lucky enough to have been given some pre-release access to review this awesome looking game!
YOU will get to take control of a 7 metre walking vehicle called an Ironcast from an alternate Victorian era in a turn-based strategy Mech vs Mech combatgame.
The games’ setting has actually been inspired by legendary writers such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne and is set in an alternative history. It’s a time when men and women in top hats and bonnets could control behemoth walking mechs which could easily dispose of enemies of the British Empire
The enemy in this case are an invading force of IronCast which are out to invade 1880’s Victorian England.
The battles which ensue are fought by taking part in the match 3 game embedded into the game arena which in turn generates resource nodes which drive the IronCast's various systems.

Players are tasked with choosing how to spend these via offensive add-ons or defensive add-ons and this is where tactics will come into play.

The campaign mode sees the player take the role of one of an IronCast Commander. It is known that the majority of the commanders were actually wiped out by a devastating attack on the English command centre called ‘The Spire.’
The commander must rally the surviving British forces and mould them into a coherent fighting force once again.

You have to admit that this all sounds rather exciting stuff and as I write this, I can’t wait to get my hands on the PS4 version this week!
Watch out for a Games Freezer Review on 26/02/16!

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