☆ 2016 -The PS4 Diaries Part 3 "Me,Myself & My PS4 Cam" ☆ #PS4 #GamersUnite

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In doing the Games Freezer website for the last 3 years I have always wanted to branch out to doing Games Freezer YouTube videos.

I’ve always had lots of ideas of where I could take it but never really had the time to do the videos and the website.

Now I’ve got my PS4 it feels like I have the opportunity to finally do what I’ve always wanted to do.

Share & Share Alike
The sharing options on PS4 are pretty neat and are easy enough to access while playing away on your latest game so the whole process is less of a task and so much more slick.

It’s made even better through the use of the PS4 Camera as the PS4 cam allows you to record sound and video into the gameplay footage without ever leaving your PS4.

The latest version of Playstation Share Factory is also a revelation as it enables you to edit the video like a pro. I’ve been experimenting with it recently to get a feel for the user interface and how it all hangs together and you can really do some cool stuff with it.

So now I have the necessary equipment it’s time to start thinking about what I could cover on my channel.........

Freezer Channel #1 
I’ve thought of some ideas and would like to run them past you to see what you think.....

1. Beer & A Video Game – 
There is a massive craft beer scene in London right now. It seems that everywhere you go pubs and off licences are selling all sorts of locally produced beers and ales with all sorts of tastes and names. As I am right in the middle of this beer awesomeness I thought what would be great would be to introduce a new  beer each week and then play a new video game too.

2. Sweets & A Video Game – 
I love sweets and I especially love chocolate. Similar to the beer idea I could introduce a new bar of choc or sweetie every week and then play a cool new game. There are stacks of great choc shops in London where I could satisfy my sweet tooth so why not?

3. Reminisce With Rich – 
This could be me to camera reminiscing about a cool retro gaming experience or game with you guys as I play a current or retro inspired video game

4. Beer, Dinner & A Video Game – 
This is like the full monty! I could make some video gaming fuel such as awesome burgers or amazing kebabs n curries. I could then introduce my beer of the week and then dive into a video game. It would be great to do this full production, but maybe after I’ve settled into the world of YouTube....

5. Indie Game Of The Week – 
This would be just a straight up new indie game play / review with me talking through the game and my first impressions.

I think I would like it to be a weekly or monthly show on a Friday so I can call it 
“Freezer Fridays”

These are my initial thoughts on my new video games venture....

As Always, Let me Know What You Think In The Comments Box Below.....

Take Care Freezer Followers

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