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R is for...........

Roadblasters is one of those games that draws you in when you spy it at the arcade.

That cool arcade cabinet makes it stand out a mile. For me this was very much a game I’d play when on my holidays on the South Coast of England as there always seemed to be a Roadblasters machine in the Arcades of Bognor, Brighton or Bournemouth.

When I think back to this game now it was so much fun to play. It totally makes it into my A-Z of Atari for the amount of 20p’s I furrowed into it.

Released in 1987 RoadBlasters has you navigating your souped up sports car through 50 races with the aim being to get to the checkered flag before running out of fuel. Fuel is the key in this game. Run out of fuel and it’s game over.

This means that you can crash your car as many times as you want however, the destruction of your vehicle will subtract a small amount of fuel from the player's fuel tank.

Did You Know?
“The player has only one chance to complete the 50th and final rally. For completing the final rally the player is awarded one million points as a special bonus.”

Whilst playing you can collect fuel pods in four ways: green globes, red globes, a checkpoint and the rally point.

When a player gets low on fuel in their main tank, a fuel light will blink on and an alarm will sound on the display and this was always a frantic time as you try and eek out fuel until  your next fuel pod or checkpoint!

Did You Know?
“The game's creators originally intended for a digitized version of the 1950s pop song "Mr. Sandman" to play during one of the levels. This was never implemented into the game.”

Did You Know?
“A promotional giveaway was accessible on the original arcade version, where players could send in their name and "personalized secret code" after completing rally 50 and receive a free "RoadBlasters" T-shirt.
The promotion ended August 31, 1987.”

I never owned one but there was asset of toy cars available which were special Roadblaster cars! They were made by Matchbox and were able to be customized! They sound awesome and I may have to search eBay for one of those.

Did You Know?
"RoadBlasters is featured in the 2012 Disney film Wreck-It Ralph.While looking for Ralph in Sugar Rush, Felix tells Sergeant Calhoun the meaning of "going Turbo": Turbo, a character from a fictional 8-bit racing game TurboTime, grew jealous of RoadBlasters for stealing his glory at Litwak's Arcade. He became so jealous that he went rogue; abandoned his game, invaded RoadBlasters and attempted to sabotage it, ultimately crashing the game as two boys tried to play it. This caused both games to get unplugged and be removed from the arcade permanently.” (Wikipedia)

What Are Your Memories Of Roadblaster In The Arcade?

Did You Play Any Of The Home Conversions?

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