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Upon seeing the Spectrum Vega Plus for the first time in the press shots I must say I fell for it immediately.

It looks so well made and the design alone makes it desireable.

Sir Clive and the crew put it on IndieGoGo and it was immediately backed in just 48 hours!!

It really goes to show that recreated iconic classics are a sought after item by the gaming community and there is definitely a strong market for them.

The Vega Plus comes off of the back of the recreated ZX Spectrum crowd funding campaign which was also a success.

The Vega Plus is a new mobile handheld machine based on the look of the original ZX Spectrum 1980's machine and 2015 home console version.

The Plus will have an LCD screen, a built-in MicroSD card slot and come packed in with 1,000 built-in licensed games. 

Not only that but more than 14,000 Spectrum titles exist for download online, and are playable on the Plus

IndieGoGo backers are able bag themselves a Plus for £100 in the legendary black or a limited edition red, white or blue.

It’s an awesome campaign to back for all those Spectrum fans out there.

Now think about this a little bit and just imagine that SEGA were to take one of its iconic consoles and recreate / reimagine it and start a crowdsourcing campaign. 

SEGA has a vast back catalogue of awesome games to release onto a retro gaming hungry public.

For me it would be a sure fire winner. I know I’d buy one.

It could quite easily be a thing of beauty that all SEGA aficionados would want to buy.

If you think about it, why doesn’t Nintendo do the same and release a SNES2 or NES v1.1. Just imagine that. 

The nostalgia rush would be immense and I know so many people would buy one instantly or back it via an awesome Kickstarter/IndieGoGo campaign.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Potential Of Recreated Consoles?

Would You Buy A Recreated SEGA or Nintendo?

Let Me Know In The Comments Below

Take Care Freezer Followers

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