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RetroGaming, Video Games

Here At Games Freezer There Has Always Been The Need To Thumb Through The Pages Of A Great Video Games Magazine.

Over The Years There Have Been Many Favourites But We Wanted To Piece Together The Greatest Video Games Magazines Of All Time


So Here We Are, Take A Look At Some Of The Finest Video Games Magazines Ever Published


Welcome To The Games Freezer Video Games Magazine Hall Of Fame!

Computer and Video Games

Sinclair User

Commodore User




Your Sinclair


Amiga User International 

Nintendo Power

Amiga Format

Electronic Gaming Monthly 


ST Format

Sega Power

  Amiga Power 

Game Informer

Mean Machines

Super Play



Nintendo Magazine System

PC Gamer



Retro Gamer


PlayStation Official Magazine

Which Video Games Magazine Was Your Favourite?

Which Video Game Magazine Deserves To Make It Into The Games Freezer Hall Of Fame?

RetroGaming, Video Games

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