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In a recent article we covered our pick of the Top 5 Video Games Related  Kickstarter Campaigns that are active at the moment and one that really caught our eye and got the creative juices flowing was UnEarth Initiative


So we decided to dig a little deeper inside this one and give it it's very own feature....


Here we go then, Welcome To The UnEarth Initiative by Inkling Games......



What Is The UnEarth Initiative? 

This beauty of a game is a science fiction video game created by veteran developers of the awesome Playstation 2 Ratchet & Clank series

This cool 3D Sim mixes a sense of humor and character with the gameplay of building and exploration on a previously undiscovered mysterious planet. 

The game is set in the 31st century, Earth is coping with overpopulation by sending its least desirable citizens on a poorly budgeted colonization program in outer space (probably sending them via Ryan Air)

After crash landing at the destination planet, the colonists you control set out to explore and survive on an brand new alien world full of danger and excitement.

This is where the trouble starts as it's not easy managing a rag tag crew of crooks and social outcasts.....

The key is therefore managing to band these delinquents together into a team and overcome their lesser points it is only then you will be able to build a successful colony.


What Gameplay Features Can We Expect?

The UnEarth Initiative is to feature randomized planet terrain, creatures, and plant-life. 

Players will need to master balancing their valuable time between building a secure base for their colonists, and sending out exploration teams who will search for new plants and creatures. 

Just imagine how cool it will be to Build elaborate underground bases for your colony!

In order to throw in another factor there will be the building of relationships with other alien races to manage so you'll get the opportunity to meet bizarre aliens and establish long-term trading relationships or unleash bloody feuds!

As-well as this you'll get to manage the personality quirks of your own colonists. 

There will also be random events, such as invading alien garden pests or a good old space plague!

One of the most exciting things about this game are your only real allies in survival, Man's Best Friend, the faithful "Rovots"

The cool thing about these little rascals is that colonists can undertake in game programming of the Rovots to serve their every need! 

Once programmed you can share your programs with other players to let others know what cool things you have got your Rovots doing....sounds brilliant!

How did UnEarth come about then?

UnEarth was first conceived a year ago, by Lesley Mathieson. 

She talked Peter Hastings into coding a quick demo of it, and the project has snowballed from there into a full-featured game in a matter of months!

How Can I Help To Make UnEarth Happen?

Well, first things first....

Get on over to the KICKSTARTER Campaign by clicking HERE

Then, once you've pledged, 

Start following UnEarth on TWITTER by clicking HERE

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