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We took a visit to the TITANFALL ARCADE this morning to see what was going on and we really enjoyed our visit due to the Cool 8 Bit Video Games Shenanigans that were taking place in The Titan's very own 8 Bit Retrogaming Video Game Arcade!

When you arrive you are greeted by 3 legendary Atari 8 Bit Retro Gamer Classics....

RetroGaming, RetroGamer, GamesFreezer

RetroGaming, RetroGamer, GamesFreezer

RetroGaming, Retro Gamer, Games Freezer


In each of these classic Retro Video Games you are now in control of an indestructible Titan!

As the slogan says........

"Beat the 8-bit out of retro Atari games with an invincible, 22-foot-tall war machine at TitanfallArcade.com"

So, choose your fave game, drop the Titan and rack up them points!

We had a go on each one and we found that Asteroids was best suited to the mouse controls and was almost a therapeutic experience as we blasted Asteroids into a thousand tiny pieces with our invincible metal war machine!

Head on over to the TitanFall Arcade NOW and see what you think about these cool twists on the 8 Bit Classics!

Which One Of The Titan's RetroGaming Delights Was Your Favourite?

RetroGaming, Retro Gamer

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