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Who Wants To See Some 8 Bit Retro Gamer Video Games Wonders?

The Guts Of A Commodore 64?


What about a portable C64?


What About a Commodore Amiga 4000 cut open for a tricky and delicate Repair?

The Future Was 8 Bit is a great website that acts as a personal insight into the world of someone who loves resurrecting retro computers back from the dead.

Here's a bit of an insight into the person who runs the site, he or she sounds like our kind of person!

"As I spend far too much of my time saving old computer tat from landfill, it was inevitable that I'd throw together some sort of website to show all 3 of you what I do.

You just can't beat the old 8bit machines.... Keeping them alive can be as addictive as keeping vintage cars on the road, but with less rust, unless its a Commodore Pet.

If you've got an old sick computer that you'd like to resurrect, drop me a line!

You'll also notice, that I have a slight leaning towards Commodore machines.. 

But I still find time to fiddle with all manner of other makes and models of vintage computers....

Back Story... Shortly after the earth cooled...
My first computer was a Vic-20, second was an Amstrad PCW8256 (took it back a week later tho, third was a C128 (yay!).. The list went on and on.. Till I finally switched from Amiga 4000 to PC permanently..ish

Thanks to being a bit mental, and a thing called ebay.. I have managed to fill my house with all kinds of vintage computer greatness.."

Just take a look at The MY COLLECTION Tab and you will see the vast array of vintage goodness on display, it's a great collection of lovingly looked after legendary computers.

Our personal favourite though is the fully functional C64p which is an absolute treat.....imagine if you will a Commodore 64 Netbook Sized Laptop!!

It has to be seen to be believed.....absolutely marvellous!

Don't just take our word for it, head over to The Future Was 8 Bit NOW to see for yourself the wonderful array of marvellous computer wares on offer.....

>>The Future Was 8 BIT<<


Wouldn't You Love To Own The C64 Portable?


RetroGaming, Retro Gamer



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