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We are always looking around the various cool blogs and websites set up by video game junkies like us!

Every once in a while we come across a kindred spirit who really 'gets' video games like we 'get' video games.
We Are Glad To Say That This is One Such occasion.......

It's Not Just Graphics embraces old and new video games and treats games as one loving family of Video Games which means the site does not alienate one generation of console from another just because one is a little older than the other.

As we have said before, Video Games Are Meant To Be Fun.....whether that's fun on an ageing console with a copy of Super Mario Bros 3 or whether it's on a shiney new PS4 with FIFA 14......you just gotta share the love of video games........AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT Tom Hockin's COOL Site Does.... 


You will see from Tom's Twitter Feed there are all sorts of opinions on offer from RetroGaming to the current generation of video games and hardware.

That's exactly what we like to see in Video Games Journalism, a balanced view instead of the boring Fan Boy drivel that most us have come to loathe!

So what kind of stuff lives on It's Not JUST Graphics then?

Well here's a sample of some of the cool articles for you to peruse:

1. A Good Place To Start Is Tom's INTRODUCTION Page 

2. Then There's A Good Article Entitled "Do People Really Like Professor Layton?"

3. Why not read an article all about learning to LOVE the Wii U

We'd say that this should get you started into the wonderful world of "INJG"

We're off to read all about Bioshock Infinite before we purchase that bad boy game! 

Why not let us know what you think about INJG?

Does It Inspire YOU To Create Your Very Own Blog Or Website On This Amazing Subject That We Call Video Games?


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