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When we think back to the days of playing video games round our Friends Houses


We always think back to when one mate had an Amstrad, the other had a ZX Spectrum and next door had a Commodore 64


Between these 3 home computers there was a considerable difference between each version of a particular game.


It all depended on how well each publisher dealt with the conversion from the source material (which was usually an Arcade game) and obviously the general limitations of the system.

Even with the limitations of a particular system the supposedly less powerful machine could trump the more powerful due to how the gameplay was crafted.

This whole conundrum of working out which version of a particular video game was best was always a hot topic of conversation when there was sometimes such a stark difference between the video games formats.

We thought we'd resurrect those brilliant playground conversations and run a regular feature to find out the best version of some of our all time favourite video games.......

So here goes.....FIRST UP IS......



We love the pace of the Arcade version of Midnight Resistance so in order for a conversion to be a hit we think it needs to get somewhere near the running speed as we know the visuals wont quite match the Arcade......so let's see how the home conversions faired up against the Data East classic arcade game...

Amstrad CPC
+ Nice Chunky Art Style
+ Re-Coloured Graphics
- Scrolling is one screen at a time
- Slow & Choppy Hameplay

+Great Looking Conversion Graphically
- Tricky Control System
- No Two player Mode

Commodore Amiga 
+ Good Looking Graphics
+ 2 Player Mode
 - Gameplay not as fluid as Arcade

Commodore 64 
+ Great In Game Music
+ Best looking of the lower powered machines
- Tricky Control System


The Commodore 64 Conversion was the one we played most when younger and it's still the one we'd pick again now.

An awesome conversion that really gets the best out of the Commodore 64.

What's Your Favourite Version Of Midnight Resistance?

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