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We Are Pleased To Announce That Our Good 


Friends At Our Favourite Indie Game Studio


Have Some Exciting News About Their


Game Heroes of Steel RPG...

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The Trese Brothers are excited to announce the release of their first major expansion to the turn-based tactics RPG, Heroes of Steel which we have covered in some detail on Games Freezer previously


January 2014 - Game of The Day - Heroes of Steel


September 2013 - Heroes Of Steel by The Tresebrothers

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Heroes of Steel is a tactics RPG inspired by classic board games like HeroesQuest and games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Shining Force.  

In the exciting Second Episode, “The Gathering Shadow”, your heroic group travels into the 'Eastern Underdeep' to face some new challenges and to hunt down some old enemies. 

This new expansion doubles the size of the already sprawling and in depth world of Steel.

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Episode 2 sees your group venture into lava caverns and into the highlands of the east where you face Ice and Stone Trolls, crazed Cultists worshipping a spider god and legions of Orcin led by devious shamans.

One of the key features of Episode 2 is the the monster intelligence systems which forces you to alter your tactics you perfected in Episode 1. 

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Progression through The Gathering Shadow sees you gain access to new and powerful Talents - such as the Wizard’s Firestorm, the Cleric’s Banishment, and the Outlander’s Juggernaut which in the previous instalment were previously locked behind Level 18. 
The shops of the four new towns, and treasure hoards of the 20 new dungeons along with hundreds of new weapons, armor and items mean that you can keep your party equipped with all the equipment they will need....
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 The Heroes Of Steel Episode 2 story unfolds as you battle through dungeons and steer your group to confront difficult political issues as well as the small matter of the fight on the battlefield!
In this post-apocalyptic world of Steel, nothing comes easy and no wrong is forgotten.........

Heroes Of Steel Episode 2 Features

  • Access to Epic Level 18+ Talents
  • More than 30 new monster types
  • 20 new dungeons to conquer
  • 4 new towns, spread across the world of Steel
  • Rich and branching storyline continues
  • Hundreds of new weapons, armor, and gear

Keep An Eye Out For Our Review Of Episode 2 .... Coming Your Way!

Until Then Support The Trese Brothers & Download Episode 2 From The Links Below!

Free on Google Play:

Free on the iTunes App Store:

For PC on Desura:

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Have Fun And Let Us Know About Your Adventures In The World Of Steel!


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