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On March 3, 2014, Kickstarter passed $1 BILLION in Pledges!

This colossal amount was pledged by 5.7 million people to creative projects and in particular funded shed loads (official figure) of Video Games related projects!


We saw this as a good excuse to delve into the current Kickstarter listings and take a look at some of our favourite Video Games Campaigns that are being proposed…..


Oooooh have we got some treats for you lucky people!

Take A Look At These 5 Beauties Below……


"A hand-drawn adventure game about hope in the mysterious, organic world of the Shrugs. Ambient story, magic and animated music puzzles." 

GamesFreezer Says, 
"A Beautiful & Interesting Concept"  


"The acclaimed biofeedback horror adventure game that gets more challenging as you get scared, honing your ability to manage anxiety" 

Games Freezer Says,

"The Ultimate Scare Fest, It Knows When You Are Scared! 
How Cool Is That!!??!!" 

"Japanese adventure game set in steampunk London, created by Japanese and US game industry veterans in a rich 2.5D style" 

Games Freezer Says, 

"One of the guys behind Snatcher has a grand vision and we really would love his vision to come to fruition, take a look NOW!" 
(P.S. David Hayter is involved too!)  

"Koe is an introduction to the Japanese language in a game reminiscent of traditional JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Pokemon" 

Games Freezer Says, 

 "An amazing idea that mixes our favourite gameplay with learning Japanese! Awesome! 

"Help outcasts from Earth colonize an alien planet in this comic sci-fi sim game by veteran developers."

Games Freezer Says, 

"We are loving the idea of being able to programme your very own robots in game to make them do whatever you want!

These guys were involved in the Ratchet & Clank titles, so this is gonna be good!"

So There's 5 of The Coolest Video Games Kickstarter Campaigns In The Galaxy!

Which One Is Your Favourite?


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