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Playing Crazi Taxi on the SEGA Dreamcast was once upon a time one of the finest ways to spend a drunken Saturday Video Games Night / Sunday Morning


Just the mere mention of Crazy Taxi brings back many drunken Video Games memories as we would attempt to achieve the shortest jump by reversing down the Crazy Jump Ramp, oh what fun!


Released in 1999 this game has always been popular in the Games Freezer Office and we are so glad it's been ported to Android…..

Last summer we even managed to locate a Crazy Taxi Arcade Machine which even Crazier! 


(If that's possible) 



RetroGaming, RetroGamer, Video Games, Arcade Games

Well Guess What?

Thanks to SEGA Crazy Taxi is currently FREE to download on Android!!  

BUT Only until 19th March, so hurry up as you only have 1 day left!!


The Android version features:
  • Original music from The Offspring and Bad Religion
  • Crazy missions that you need to complete while having blatant disregard for the Highway Code
  • Arcade Mode & Original Mode
  • The Option Of Touch or Tilt Controllers
  • 16 different Mini games (including Backwards Drunken Crazy Jump Mode!)
  • With the option to Set your own track playlist 
  • There's also support for a physical controller to be plugged in

So What Are You Waiting For?

Download This Classic TODAY While It's FREE!

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