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I've been doing a lot of searching through various retro gaming podcasts and have come across some awesome examples.

My 3 favourites at the minute are Gonarch's Lair, Retro Asylum and RGDS (Retro Gaming Daily Show).

These are 3 of the most enjoyable retro gaming Podcasts out there but the thing I have noticed with these cool 'casts is that the knowledge contained within the shows is so far and wide that there are words and phrases that pop up in these shows that make me scratch my head and try and work out what that means.

One such example that I had come across in the Amstrad CPC Retro Asylum Special was the reference to Mode '0'.

My ears pricked up when I heard this reference as I immediately thought of the Super Nintendo Mode '7' graphics.

From then on it got me thinking about the possibility of creating a glossary of retro gaming terms on the Games freezer website.

I like the idea of having a repository detailing your Mode '7', Parallax Scrolling and your Super FX Chip terminology all in one tidy place on the site.

Over the course of the next month I will attempt to fit in a glossary term per day that I think may assist any retro gamer who may wish to refresh their knowledge or learn something completely new.

Following this retro gaming glossary theme and as a Retro Gaming treat to you all I bring to you an Advent Calendar Of Retro Gaming Terms and special features for each day leading up to the 25th December......

Let's open the first door on our retro gaming advent calendar and see what lays behind... 


Reading Mean Machines growing up meant that I would often come across the term Parallax Scrolling when reading reviews within those hallowed pages.

It seemed as though it was the buzz word in video games in the early nineties.

At the time I knew it meant something pretty good in terms of the way the games graphics worked but beyond that I didn't know.

So for my 10 year old self and maybe some other gamers who are new to the retro scene, here is my definition of Parallax Scrolling:

"A technique used primarily in Video Games where background images move by the camera slower than foreground images.

This creates an illusion of depth in a 2D scene"

Some of my favourite video game examples of this are:


Castle Of Illusion



Keep Your Eyes On Games Freezer This December For More Advent Fun & Facts!

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