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Door 24 Brings Us Memories Of Christmas Eve....

Christmas Eve has always been a special time for gamers.

It's a time to dream of the game you've wanted for the last 6 months or maybe even that special computer or console you've lusted over.

My earliest memory of a video games obsessed Christmas Eve was around the late 80's when all I wanted was a ZX Spectrum +2. 

I'd dropped a thousand hints to Mum & Dad and I was certain that I'd done enough to bag myself that ZX+2 with a nice copy of Football Manager 2.

I went to sleep dreaming of guiding Tottenham Hotspur to FA CUP Glory and felt safe in the knowledge that I'd done enough to bag it.

I awoke at silly o'clock on Christmas Day eager to open up my Speccy and get my FM2 loaded up in time for after Christmas Breakfast.

As I carefully opened the biggest present that I'd saved till last it was becoming clear that maybe my beloved Speccy was actually going to be an Atari 800!

This was probably my biggest let down of  my Christmas career so far.......


From the ashes of my Speccy dream rose the wonderful Atari 800 XEGS and it's awesome array of video games that are forever ingrained in my video gaming brain!

The moral of the story is......

Even if you don't get what you want this Christmas just be thankful for what you do get as sometimes you get a hidden gem from somewhere you least expect....


What's Your Favourite Christmas Eve Video Gaming Memory?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below 


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