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Behind Door 11 Is......

 My Idea For My First Ever Video Game That I Am Planning To Make

Genre :

Games Freezer & The Curious Case Of The Collector

Ricardo Pettini lives inside the Games Freezer and is the curator of all the coolest video that it the Games Freezer.
One day someone breaks into the Games Freezer at the dead of night and takes some of the world has ever seen. Not only that, the thief also takes some of the most awesome consolee, and was looking after.

After some investigation Ricardo finds a calling card that calls out the perpetrator who goes by the name of "The Collector".

Who is this Collector dude?

Why has he or she taken this loot of video games awesomeness?

Can Ricardo retrieve of stolen loot and return it to the Games Freezer where it belongs?

Game Play:
Deeply inspired by the coolest platform games of the last 20 or so years you take on the role Of Ricardo he aims to down the various Video Game Cartridges and Tapes scattered across 7 worlds and 21 levels, Within each level you need to undergo the usual trials of a platform game as you avoid obstacles and enemies and solve puzzles to reveal the whereabouts of the stolen video games loot.

Your aim to get as many of the lost video games items as you can into your rucksack, Your Rucksack can only take one Video Game and one Console at a time and therefore you will have the dilemma of whether to save "Mega Fangini Sisters" or do you take back the classic "Ultimate Screwball Karts". Then when you uncover the whereabouts of the "Spagtrern +1" and the "Orodore 99" which classic do you take home?

As you follow the trail of "The collector" you will get the opportunity eventually take him on in a 1 on 1 battle or one of his 'Collectorati' henchman on in order to receive more clues as to The Collector's whereabouts.

Ricardo will also get to take part in Bonus games if he picks the right door to go through in between levels.

All in all the game will have a classic platformer feel with plenty of jumping around levels and collecting items in order to complete the quest. The graphics will be classic 8 Bit Pixel Art style graphics. The setting will be in various places where you would find a video games collector. Think of the local Car Boot Sale, Retro Video Game Shop, An Online forum and various other locales.

Each imaginary Video Game or Console / Computer will be loving created in Pixel Art and will hopefully lead to people wanting to complete their set of Video Games and consoles by collecting them all and adding them to your very own Games Freezer video games shelf.

I plan on using the Construct 2 or Game Maker Software and I am currently immersed in the following Tutorial

I know it's going to be tough but before I leave this mortal coil I need to make at least one video game in my lifetime. I feel like it's my duty to give the world (or at least my mates) a game that they can play and have fun with. I want my game to make people smile. I will try to use humour in the game and I will try to bring a nostalgic feel to the game as which will hopefully give people a warm fuzzy feeling inside when they play.


Have You Ever Attempted To Make
Your Very Own Video Game?

Did You Manage To Complete The Game Dev Process?

Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Box Below

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