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Behind Door 15 We've Been Transported Back To 1993 and I am here to tell YOU

Why I Love NBA JAM............

And all I can say is ....... "BOOMSHAKALAA!"

"This game came at a time when I was watching copious amounts of Basketball on TV as Channel 4 had the rights to NBA games in the UK. I was also playing basketball for my school, so my basketball fever had piqued.

When this game hit the arcades it was a jolt in the arm of all sports games. Its over the top style was like nothing I'd ever experienced before and I just couldn't get enough of its awesome 2 on 2 fresh game play.

It got to a point where me and my friends jumped on a train to Brighton JUST to play the NBA JAM arcade machine. We went there hoping that there would be an NBA Jam machine there and luckily there was. We played it and then had to jump back on a train home before our mums wondered where we'd got to! (good times)

One of the things I love and which makes the game such an awesome experience is the over the top commentary. It draws you in and gives you immediate praise for all the good and the bad things that you do during a game. No one enjoys hearing "Throws Up A Brick!" and everyone enjoys timing your defensive jump to perfection and hearing "REEE-JECTED!" Absolute genius and always brings a smile to my face when playing.

4 Player Arcade Games always float my boat but a four player game of NBA Jam can't be beaten. The pure hilarity of a 2 on 2 all human match is the greatest arcade moment that you could think of. Total laughs. Recently at Play Blackpool I came across an NBA JAM 4 player cab and there were 4 blokes who were having the time of their life. It's truly a timeless pleasure.

Of course the big draw has always been the Crazy Dunks. This really makes the game what it is. The fact that you can pull off an over the top flying slam dunk and break the backboard while the announcer shouts BOOMSHAKALAKA! just completes the NBA JAM experience.

It goes without saying that when NBA JAM hit the SNES in 1996 it was top of my want list. When I finally got it didn't disappoint. In fact maybe it was better than the arcade version! Firstly I could play it to my heart's content without pumping it full of 50p's. Secondly all the cool cheats made the game even more fun! BIG HEADS and HALFWAY LINE SUPER DUNKS anyone?!

I recently purchased the PS3 version and it was good but maybe it didn't have quite the same character as the original, but the fun still runs strong"

What Are YOUR NBA JAM Favourite Moments?

Do YOU Love This Game As Much As I Do?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below....

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