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Why I Love...........
Commodore 64

"I never owned a Commodore 64 but it was an ever present machine in my life as I was growing up.

I always seemed to know someone who owned one and I loved to play on the legendary machine.

To be fair it wasn't much to look at but the first time I played my friend Paul's machine I was in love.

Paul got it for Christmas the same year I got my Atari 800 XEGS and he got an awesome combo of games which included WEC Le Mans & Last Ninja 2.

It was Last Ninja 2 that opened my eyes to the Commodore 64 and what it was capable of. 

From then on I admired the C64 from afar as I visited my friends' houses for my Commodore fix.

I knew 5 people with a C64 so I actually spent a lot of time playing this beauty even though I didn't have one of my own.

The C64 to me always seemed like the powerhouse of the 8 bits of the time. It always seemed to have all the best versions of the games and the graphics always seemed to look that much better.

My favourite C64 related memory was from the late 90's when we'd all moved on from the C64 and we all owned consoles.

Me and 4 friends would often go to car boot sales and search for cool video games related stuff (much like I do now).

One sunny day at our local car boot sale we struck video gaming gold and found stacks of cool video games stuff but didn't have much cash between us to buy it. So we all sat down at the edge of the field and tried to work out how much we had between us and what we were going to buy with it.

At that point I looked to my left and noticed a wallet just lying on the ground. I slowly moved towards it and opened it to find £180 in cash. Moral dilemma ensued. I had a wallet with no ID and a
load of cash in it what to do?

I showed the group and we (almost immediately) decided that we would split it between us
 £45 each and a mountain of video games goodness to dive into surely that's a video gamers dream when you are 15 years old?

After another circuit of the Car Boot Sale we all gravitated towards a pristine boxed Commodore 64 and a mountain of games in a cardboard box. For the life of me I can't remember how much the guy was asking for it but I can bet it wasn't much over ten pounds (considering this was slap bang in the middle of SEGA vs Nintendo)

After a little bit of discussion between the 'wallet syndicate' we decided that we would split the cost of the Commodore 64 between us (which still left us loads of money left over for fish and chips and and 500ml can of Virgin Cola from the chippy!). We parted with some of our newly found wealth and  bought that awesome Commodore machine with its perfect looking tape deck and a gargantuan amount of cassette games in the obligatory cardboard box. We were the happiest people at the boot sale as we headed off for celebratory fish and chips with C64 in hand.

I suppose technically at that point I actually owned a quarter of a Commodore 64. The thing was though; the C64 actually lived at Paul's house because that's where we would meet almost every day of the summer holidays.

We spent most of that summer working through that amazing heap of Commodore 64 games working out the wheat from the chaff and it was soooo much fun!

One such unexpected hidden gem was "Sport Of Kings" but that's a story for another day.

That's a Summer I will never forget and that's just one Of the reasons why I love the Commodore 64."

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