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Why I Love................


"Lemmings on paper is not my type of game whatsoever.

Green haired creatures wandering around a level waiting to be told what to do.

For me this was a Commodore Amiga discovery in the early 90's.

Playing it for the first time for about 2 minutes meant that I was going to fall in love with this game forever.

It wasn't frantic but it was challenging. It wasn't edge of the seat exciting but it was funny. It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

Lemmings became a phenomenon in the video game world and was converted to every home system you could think of and was played by millions.

The guys at DMA Design who developed this devious puzzler had basically hit upon a formula and had nailed every part of it with aplomb.

The key for me was simplicity and level design.

Simplicity came in the form of the fact that you could pick this game up in 30 seconds without having ever played the game before.

The level design aspect was due to the fact that each level made you think and stretched the grey matter that little bit more each time.

It's ingenious, it's addictive and it's fun.....a potent mix for any video game.

I first played it at my friend Paul's house as we were working through a massive collection of Amiga disks that he had inherited after buy a second hand Amiga 500. We had about 150 games to get through and Lemmings was one of the first games we came across. Needless to say we didn't get much further after loading this beauty up.

If two of you were playing then the game shifted to a split screen view where you competed head to head to get more Lemmings home than your opponent and this was awesome fun!"

Any game dev worth their salt should study this game and realise simplicity reigns over complexity when it comes to gameplay.

It's truly a masterclass in fun and that's why I LOVE LEMMINGS!"

What Was YOUR First Lemmings Experience?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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