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Why I Love........................


"Bioshock was a game that I stumbled across online.

After purchasing an XBOX 360 I was searching for the best games to play on it and then watching the trailers on You Tube (this is quite possibly my favourite past time)

When I watched the Bioshock Trailer and I was left opened mouthed.

The trailer left me feeling uncomfortable, chilled to the bone but eager to play this awesome looking game and explore the haunting world of Rapture.

This game for me twisted the conventions of storytelling in video games. It made me think. It made me want to explore its secrets. The subtly placed audio diaries meant you could have a sneak peek into what had gone on before Rapture had turned into such a savage environment.

Your first encounter with a BIG DADDY will stay with you forever and will ensure that each time you see one in the game you will sweat profusely as you desperately attempt to run away or just hide.

As the story unfolds you will find yourself totally wrapped up in what might become of the main protagonist and this game will not disappoint in that aspect.

I'll never forget my time with Bioshock and that's why I love it so much.

Watch the trailer now and if you have never seen it before or played the game then I suggest you buy a copy ASAP."

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