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Door 18 Brings Us A Christmas Appeal To All You Retro Gamers....

Could YOU Spare A Video Game Console or Video Game Cartridge For A Little Boy This Christmas?

A Christmas Appeal For All The Gamers With A Heart
Alan Lubeski contacted Games Freezer via Twitter to see if Games Freezer could assist with a Christmas video game appeal.

Alan is a retired Disney animator who still runs a studio called Raven Arts

Alan's friend is currently out of work and this is obviously an even bigger blow at Christmas time but Alan is hoping the Retro Gaming Community can pull together and help his friends son have a great gaming Christmas!

Alan's friends son is autistic and video games is the kids world (especially Game Boy!) so Alan is trying to help the family out.

So far Alan has got him a whole bunch of things. So far most people have donated there headaches but every donation is greatly appreciated.

There is a......
  • A Game Boy Advanced with a hinge problem
  • A PS1 with no controllers that only turns on when its on its side
  • A SEGA Genesis with one working and one broken controller
  • Nine 32x games (but no 32x)
  • 2 DS, 4 GB Advanced, 5 Game Boy original, 4 PS1 games and a PSP case
  • A Game Gear and seven games for it
At this point Alan is still taking whatever people want to give for the boy but he's also looking to get the stuff needed to complete the items already donated so he's not giving him a pile of things he can't afford to fix or complete.

On the wanted list are:
  • Cases for the Game Boy Advanced
  • Game Boy Original Case
  • Dust cases for the Advanced games, original GB games and DS games 
  • He could also use more GB Advance games, GB original games and DS games.
This started out as a request to try and help a family for the holidays and has become an adventure.

If YOU Would Like To Help - Please Contact Alan via Twitter @AlinRaven TODAY!

Thank you for any help you can give.....


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