☆ The Deep Freeze Number 2 (Feb 2017) – Getting To Know The Games Freezer Staff! ☆

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Welcome to Part 2 of the Deep Freeze, where we let you know what the Games Freezer staff have been up to over the last month. 

So let's get cracking......

Pang Man

Games Played:
Until Dawn (PS4) 
I had forgotten I owned this game until I had some friends round and their kids (8 and 10 years old) asked to play it.

Surprisingly their parents agreed despite the game being rated 18 years+. 

I really enjoyed the harsh choices you have to make (e.g. save Josh or Ashley?) and the horror movie atmosphere. Although the gameplay is limited to what you can do generally.

Unfortunately, one of the kids now has nightmares and is scared to be alone. I feel a bit guilty now. Oh well...

Mario Tennis, Ultra Smash (Wii U)
This got mediocre reviews but I thought it was pretty fun even if the depth isn't quite there.

Movies Watched:
Decent horror movie starring Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lords of the Rings) and Ksenia Solo (Orphan Black) about an obsessive pet shop worker who kidnaps a girl and locks her in a pet cage.

The Final Girls
An interesting twist on the horror genre, about a group of friends who get trapped inside a horror movie. Recommended

TV watched:
The Americans
I had previously watched the early seasons of this show (Russians spies posing as Americans in the 80s) and I thought it was good but not great. 

However I recently saw a few reviews that said the latest season was must-see TV, so I am slowly catching up again.  

Dragon Ball Super
You can't really go wrong with DBZ, I'm really enjoying the universe vs. universe tournament at the moment.

Lowlight of the month:
Realising how unfit I am during a run with people 10 years my senior. They left me in the dust a third of the way through.

The sad passing of Bill Paxton; a great actor who had memorable roles in films such as Terminator, Aliens ("Game over man, game over"), Weird Science, True Lies, and Frailty.

Highlight of the month:
Booking a holiday to Abu Dhabi. Good to get some sun soon.

Most looking forward to:
Playing Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn
(Although this might not be anytime soon as I have quite a few games I already own that I haven't played yet)

Reading the reviews for the Nintendo Switch launch games.

I'm hoping there are some great scores as I really want Nintendo to do well.

Covering EGX Rezzed for Games Freezer next month

Gaming console you wished you owned but never did:
The Neo Geo. This was a premium looking console which came with an Arcade stick rather than a controller. I remember games such as Metal Slug and Fatal Fury were 200 pounds each or more and that was in the 90s! But the games were arcade quality (way ahead of their time) so I would have loved to have owned one.

How did you get involved with Games Freezer?
I went to the same school as Rich and we played football together during the lunch breaks.

In those days real footballs were a rare commodity so instead, we played matches with a cheap alternative -the trusty tennis ball. 

We used our rucksacks as goal posts and had some amazing matches. 

Where we didn't have enough players for a proper match we played Wembley doubles or Wembley Singles.

You would think that kicking a smaller ball around would improve ball control and all round skill but sadly for me that never came true. 

Apart from playing footy, we talked endlessly about video games and video game magazines like Super Play.

We lost touch for a bit after we sat our A-levels and then we started chatting on Facebook in 2013 and we basically reminisced about the good old days! 

Rich mentioned he had set up the Games Freezer gaming blog that year and asked me if I would like to get involved. I said yes, wrote Pang Man part 1 and have been writing articles ever since!

Games Played:

Fallout 4 (PS4)
I’m in it for the long haul! Side Quests, Collectibles, Achievements, Settlements, Companions and that’s before I've even thought about the main quest! Has anybody seen Sean??!!

Torment: Tides Of Numenera (PS4)

I was lucky enough to be given this game to review prior to its PS4 release. It’s one hell of a great RPG and it’s old school and quite deep. I can see myself immersing myself in this when I eventually free myself from Fallout 4.

Hitman GO! (Android)
This was free on Amazon Underground and I have to let you know that it is brilliant.
Such a classy interpretation of the Hitman series played in a board game type of fashion. I’m late to this but I love it!

Ys Origin (PS4)
This game is super fun! Dot Emu has brought a smile to my face with this retro gem of a game.

Movies Watched:
YouTube documentaries have been my thing this month. I watched an awesome making-of documentary about The Last Of Us which had me enthralled. Also re-watched the Bedrooms To Billions: The Amiga Years documentary, great stuff!
TV watched:
Stranger Things
This is a special piece of television. Something that everybody should watch. It’s perfect. The characters are compelling, the subject matter is intriguing, the period of time it’s set in is perfect, the episodes are not too long. The series length is just about right, it’s funny and sad. I seriously can’t recommend it highly enough. It should be shown to anybody who wants to make a career in TV or filmmaking.

The Walking Dead

I fell off of this a bit and have come back to it after “Binge Watch Burnout”. The thing with TWD is it can be heavy going and the seasons can be slightly too long and over indulgent. I’m still in season 4 but I'll keep on keeping on!

Lowlight of the month:
Traveling all the way to Sutton to play an important cup match for my football team and losing badly! We even hired a minibus for the day!
Highlight of the month:
Taking part in GAMENBLAST17 and raising lots of cash for Special Effect The Gamers Charity. The work the people at Special Effect do for disabled gamers is awesome and I'm so proud that Games Freezer can be associated with helping them in a small way.
Most looking forward to:

SWITCH Month! Come on Nintendo you can do it!

Gaming console you wished you owned but never did:
The N64. Around the time of the N64 being released, I owned a SNES and the natural progression for me would have been N6$ however, I moved onto the Commodore Amiga 600 instead…….what a lovely machine that was BUT I do wish I could have afforded to own an N64. Instead, I moved onto PS1 which brought me so much joy!

How did you get involved with Games Freezer?
It was 2013 and I had been running my own property website for a year. I had enjoyed building up the websites following and learning new skills in web design and social media but I wasn’t as passionate about the subject matter as I felt I was at the start.
I wanted to continue using my spare time effectively and I still wanted to run a website but I needed the subject matter to be something I was passionate about. Games Freezer was born.
Initially, just a website devoted to Retro Gaming, we would eventually expand the remit to include “only the coolest video games”.
Now I am glad to see the website growing and with Pang Man and Beth on board along with some cool guest reviewers and columnists, I am optimistic for the future of Games Freezer.


Games Played:
I played more Overwatch this month, but also checked out Osiris: New Dawn (open space exploration game), played some Journey, Mario Kart 7, and Battlefield 1.
Movies Watched:
didn't watch any flicks in February!
TV watched:
Bob's Burgers (a favorite in this house), Supernatural, and nature documentaries.
I don't have TV (just Netflix and Amazon), so most of what I consume is on YouTube or Netflix.

Lowlight of the month: 
going to the ER. But I'm so glad I lived!
Highlight of the month: 
starting my first month at Haste (HTTPS;//haste.net) has been a blast. It's really exciting to say I work for a company I truly believe in, with a product I'm passionate about, and with a brilliant, positive team working together to make the internet a more stable place for gamers.
Most looking forward to:
Spring! I need some sun and warmer weather, stat!

Gaming console you wished you owned but never did:
I wasn't allowed to have gaming consoles growing up, so I've always wanted an original SNES.

How did you get involved with Games Freezer?
Rich and I followed one another on Twitter, and after he reached out to me about writing for GF, the rest is history!

"Stay Frosty!"

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