☆ Play The Free Computer Museum Video Game It's ZX Spectrum-Tastic! ☆

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The Computer Spiele Museum In Berlin Was The First Dedicated Video Games Museum And Now They Have Just Released Their Very Own Video Game Entitled "Museum Guide" That Tasks You With Finding The Missing Video Games That Have Gone Missing From The Museum!

It's a great advertising idea as you need to record the loading sound on your mobile phone and then replay that down your PC's microphone in order to load up the game.

Once loaded you are greeted with a ZX-Spectrum style retro game where you need to enter the museum, avoid obstacles and find the missing video games.

If you manage to complete the game then you can use the special code to enter the competition to win a special visit to the museum! 

It's a really cool concept that is especially enjoyable for all us retro gamers.

Head over to the site now and give it a shot and let me know how you get on!

Also, head here and learn all about this awesome museum that's worth a visit any time you are in Berlin!

"Stay Frosty"


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