☆ The Playtable: The Future Of How You Play Board Games ☆

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Imagine a tabletop gaming console made for playing board games and card games with a group of people. 

In the words of the creators, the Playtable is like the Netflix for board and card games. 

To me this sounds like a really interesting concept!

Imagine that you had instant access to a library of all the greatest board games available.

The Playtable is aiming to help you learn the rules in minutes through use of online manuals. 

The Playtable is also looking to give you the opportunity to create and customise your own versions of the game. 

Not only this, you can also use physical pieces, cards, and your mobile phone to integrate seamlessly with your PlayTable device!
The PlayTable is calling out that it's completely spill-proof and has been tested through spilt water, wine, beer, fizzy drinks, pizza, and other fluids (!?), during playtests by Playtable's creators. 
The creators are looking to make PlayTable affordable for everyone. 

PlayTable will retail for $599 but by reserving early, you'll benefit from a discounted price of $349. 

With regards to the games themselves, the Playtable team are looking to maintain an average price of $20-30 which is just about enough to make up for all the care and effort that goes into the games but lower than your average video game.
At the moment there are no release dates planned for Playtable but it has my attention!

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