☆ Pang Man’s 1Up Box, Subscription Box Review (Jan 2017) ☆

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C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_182616.jpg
1Up Box is a monthly subscription box containing 5 or more mystery geek/gaming goodies.
It costs around £24 a month (due to international shipping from the US to the UK).
Subscriptions can be on a 1 month re-occurring basis or on a longer term if you prefer. The longer term options (3 months, 6 months) mean you pay less for each box, but are tied down for a bit longer.
The 1Up Box has a distinctive Green box; it is noticeable smaller than the Geek Fuel box.
A description card summarises the contents inside. The theme was The Force
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_184140.jpg
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_184120.jpg
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_182741.jpg

Bowser/Star Wars t shirt:
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_215232-1.jpg
The first item in the January 2017 1Up box is this fantastic Bowser t-shirt. I know some readers will hate the cutesy design but I personally love it.
It depicts Bowser riding a BB-8 and dragging along a captured C-3PO.
In terms of image it is definitely one of the best shirts I have received. Comfort wise it is ok only though.
Rating: 4/5.
The best item in this month’s box by a mile
Yoda licensed Star Wars plush

C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_182839.jpg
The 2nd item in the box is this Yoda Plush. I like that it is an official product, and I am a Star Wars fan. On the downside to me it doesn’t appear to be a great likeness of Yoda.
I know this is supposed to be a “Super Deformed” version of Yoda, but It still looks a bit off to me somehow.
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_184529.jpg
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_184511.jpg
There were 8 different Star Wars plushes that you could have got at random such as BB-8, Kylo Ren etc
Rating: 3/5.
Decent enough plush but I think I will gift this to a friend of mine
Suicide Squad RubIx Cube Key Chain
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_183108.jpg
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_183033.jpg
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_182917.jpg
This is an unlicensed but exclusive 1Up box Key chain featuring each of a different suicide squad character (Joker, Harley Quinn etc) on each face of the puzzle cube.
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_183021.jpg

It is fairly unique and worthy of display.
Rating: 3/5.
Unique mini novelty item, with some nice 8 Bit style depictions of each character
Bowser Mouth Mask

C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_183522.jpg
This is a strange one, a Bowser mouth mask.
Now don’t get me wrong I usually love anything Nintendo inspired, but to me this item is not of good enough quality that you would actually use it regularly as a mouth mask.
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_183612.jpg
The straps aren’t adjustable so it’s not particularly comfortable.
So that leaves it as an item to wear for funny photos or to get a reaction from your friends. Now this is amusing for about 2 minutes and then the joke gets old pretty quickly.
Rating: 2/5.  
Initially amusing but not a very useful product
Star Wars Note Pad
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_183150.jpg
On first glance I was intrigued by this. The cover image was amusing and well designed, however inside is a plain notebook. Pretty disappointing, all in all.
C:\Users\J\Documents\EBAY\GAME FREEZA\20170302_183237.jpg
The Notebook itself isn’t particularly of high quality (I mean it’s ok) but seems like a filler item to me. If it had some further artwork inside or some other unique quality I would be more inclined to grade this better
Rating: 2/5.  
Decent cover, but overall an uninspiring mystery item.
Overall Rating
This mystery box was a bit of a mixed bag. The T-shirt was fantastic, and the Star Wars plush and Puzzle Cube were decent enough, but the Bowser Mask and Star Wars notepad were unworthy of inclusion in my opinion.
At £24 this is a bit pricey for what you get.
If I was US based I would have said that this month’s box was reasonable value for money. The cost in the US is $20 (including shipping) which is equivalent to £16.
So the fact that there is an additional £8 (which is half the value of the box!) to ship the box abroad seems excessive, especially compared to other mystery subscription boxes.
Rating: 3/5.
Not a bad box but a bit pricey for international customers based on the contents. Great t-shirt though.

Pang Man
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"Stay Frosty!"

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