☆ Pang Man’s Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review (Feb 2017) ☆ @TheGeekFuel

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Geek Fuel is a monthly subscription box containing 5 or more mystery geek/gaming goodies.
It costs around £24 a month (due to international shipping from the US to the UK).
Subscriptions can be on a 1-month re-occurring basis or on a longer term if you prefer. The longer term options (3 months, 6 months and 1 year) mean you pay less for each box but are tied down for a bit longer.

Geek Fuel does a great job packaging their boxes. Everything is neatly presented and nothing is bent or damaged in the post. I like the care that they place in ensuring everything is wrapped/protected well, which is especially important if the buyer wants to preserve the value of the collectibles inside.
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A description card summarises the contents inside.
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Fallout  T-Shirt:

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The first item in the February 2017 Geek Fuel box is this Nuka World Amusements Fallout t-shirt.
I haven’t played Fallout 4 before but I know Rich is a massive fan!
(I Love This Tee!! - Rich)
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_205812.jpg
Most subscription box t-shirts are black or white, so it’s nice to get a different colour once in a while. This t-shirt is a particularly nice shade of red.
Geek Fuel recently said that they were improving the quality of their t-shirts and I feel this is a better fit than the previous month's tee, so they have definitely lived up to their promise!
The design is pretty good, (you can’t go wrong with a dog image really!) and overall I like it and will wear it.
Rating: 3.5/5
(probably would be a higher rating if I played Fallout, maybe Rich can comment on whether this t-shirt fits in well with the game!)
Zelda inspired portable Power Bank:
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_211635.jpg
This for me is a “wow” item.
I want items I would actually use, items that embrace my fandom’s and items that look good. This hits all 3 boxes.
I always have issues with running out of battery life on my phone and my current portable charger was on its last legs, so the timing for this item is perfect.
The presentation is absolutely top notch. The charger is a pixel designed 8 Bit Legend of Zelda sword. It looks amazing and comes in a little display box.  
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_211654.jpg

C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_211727.jpg
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_211345.jpg
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_211357.jpg
I am torn between using it and displaying it!
I like that the outside design of the packaging is continued on the inside too (unlike last month) so this time there were no plain white cardboard flaps to ruin the look!
I love that it says “It’s too dangerous to go alone, take this!” on the lid.
It comes with a micro USB which is handy for me as a Samsung user. (For Apple users, I guess you would need to provide your own cable)
The Power is 2000 mAh, which is certainly enough to give my phone a decent boost if it is dying. (Obviously, I won’t be able to test multiple charges on my phone before this review comes out but I will try to give an update on the quality/longevity of the charger functionality in a future article)
If this wasn’t enough of a reason to be happy, then the fact that this is an exclusive item to Geek Fuel surely is!
Rating: 5/5
a truly fantastic item; useful, exclusive and presented beautifully. The only way I would be more impressed if it was an officially licensed product but that is me just nitpicking. Overall I am ecstatic with receiving this item.

Stranger Things themed Enamel Pin:

C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_211231.jpg
I watched the 1st season last month so I am a big fan of the show
This exclusive pin of Dustin is beautifully designed and perfectly in line with his character. I will definitely display this in its original packaging.
I didn’t get the limited edition variants but I am pretty happy with the one I got.
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_205644.jpg
Rating: 4/5
Great design! Roll on season 2!

Archibald Adventure Steam Game:

Each month a code is given for a Steam game. This is a puzzle game that looks pretty fun
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_205718.jpg
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_205736.jpg
Don’t think I will I have a chance to play this (too many games on my list to play). The download code is available in the photo for the 1st reader to use it.
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170228_000521.jpg

Batman inspired Hero in Training poster print:
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_213601.jpg
This is a Geek Fuel exclusive poster print of Batman as a kid.
I actually really like the style of it, very nicely designed and printed on good quality poster paper. It comes with a certificate of authenticity
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_214208.jpg
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_213632.jpg
The protective sleeve was also nice, with Batman inspired imagery all around it.
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_213703.jpg
Some lucky subscribers would have got a more limited edition light blue print, but sadly that wasn’t me.
Rating: 3.5/5
If I had more space this would be definitely worthy of being hung up and framed. So a nice item and one to keep for the future.

C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_213725.jpg
Each month a small magazine is included with a few articles. This month’s magazine had an Article on the Nintendo Switch and the Zelda franchise. There was also a nice piece on a Captain America charity.
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_213804.jpg

Much like last month, in the Geek Gift guide article, my only quibble is that they only have 1 photo of the highest priced item.
C’mon please give me more pictures of the 20k Iron throne!
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_213904.jpg
Rating: 3/5
Prize Ticket:
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_205757.jpg
In the box was a Prize Ticket with a code on it. If you go to the Geek Fuel website and enter the code you could potentially win a prize. I wasn’t so lucky but I like the idea and enjoyed its inclusion in the box.
I would definitely encourage these kinds of prize draws in future, as rewarding your customers with extra chances to win stuff is always good business.
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_205449.jpg
Overall Rating:
Sometimes with Subscription boxes, there is the fear that the seller will simply chuck a load of random low-quality items in and hope the subscriber likes a few.
I don’t feel this anxiety with Geek Fuel. I can tell they really put effort into selecting/producing good quality items that they believe subscribers would like.
I am only 2 boxes in, but I feel like I will definitely be subscribing for the long haul.
I was very happy with this month’s mystery contents. The Zelda-inspired portable power bank, in particular, was absolutely fantastic and will be hard to beat in future.
C:\Users\J\Desktop\New Folder\New Folder (2)\20170227_215156.jpg
Everything else was good and there was no filler.
Great job this month Geek Fuel!
Rating: 4/5

Pang Man

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