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One of my ongoing dreams is to open a video games Barcade in London.

I’ve devoted lots of my free time day dreaming about what my Barcade would look like and the games it would feature.

What it boils down to for me is creating a space to meet friends, eat, drink and play video games.

In particular arcade cabinets would be the main focus for me as these beautiful cabinets evoke memories of childhood crowded round the cab with your friends, usually in awe of the graphics and game-play.

More specifically I would love to fill this gaming space with the finest examples of multiplayer arcade cabinets known to man.

My dream is that people would pile into the Games Freezer Multiplayer Bar and be greeted by rows of the best multiplayer arcade cabinets that will bring a smile to peoples faces. These are the games that would really bring about the right vibe for such a gaming destination.

I’m thinking simple but delicious food with finely crafted beers would be a perfect accompaniment to a night out with friends playing multiplayer arcade cabinets.

The question is….Which arcade cabinets would make the cut and how many would I need?
I’m thinking that 20 arcade cabs would be great. 

Maybe that would be 20 cabinets but 10 on rotation at any one time to keep things fresh and also to enable enough room in the place to fit cabs, people and tables!

So I have 20 inventory spots to fill, which arcade cabinets are going to fill them?

Can I even think of 20 multiplayer games good enough to fill those slots?

You know what, I’m going to give it a go (well making the list anyway!)

The only rule being that it has to be a game whereby you are able to play with at least 2 players participating to make it a ‘multiplayer experience’

1. NBA JAM TE – Midway – 4 Player – 1993

This is surely the most fun way to play basketball ever invented. TE had alley oops, enough said!

2.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Konami – 4 Player – 1989

4 Player Turtles......Cowabunga!

3. The Simpsons – 4 Player – Konami – 1991

You can’t beat pummelling people with Marge’s hoover with 3 other mates.

4. Point Blank 2 – 2 Player – Namco – 1999

Probably the most fun to be had with any lightgungame ever, endless laughs!

5. StreetFighter2 – 2 Player – Capcom – 1991

A 2 player masterpiece that has the immortal words……”Here Comes A New Challenger!”

6. Mortal Kombat2 – 2 Player – Midway – 1993

Guaranteed to bring a swarm of onlookers over to your cab shouting out “FINISH HIM!” as you blindly mash the buttons and jab at the joystick / fresh air!

7. Gauntlet II – 4 Player – Atari – 1986

A four player top down marvel of a video game that lets you and 3 mates dungeon crawl. In the arcade that is a total rarity!

8. Virtua Cop 2 – 2 Player – SEGA – 1995

This game drew me in every time I saw it in the arcade. It made me want to buy a Saturn to play it at home too!

9. Ghost Squad – 2 Player – SEGA – 2004

Branching paths to choose from and other activities other than just mowing down the baddies, this game was made to play with a mate.

10. Daytona USA – 4 Player – SEGA – 1993

The game that really brought competitive racing to arcades with up to 8 players competing against each other, there is nothing quite like it.

11. Mario Kart Arcade GP2 – 2 Player – Namco – 2007

Mario Kart in the arcades is a thing of beauty! The cab even takes a picture of you and displays this in game (you can also race as Pac Man!)

12. Final Fight – 2 Player – Capcom – 1989

The best buddy game to play in the arcades although you come to a disagreement about who plays as Haggar……

13. Wrestlefest – 4 Player – Technos – 1991

This game is perfect, it sums up the pre WWE era in one of the best wrestling video games ever. Those graphics and that 4 player cabinet!

14. Football Champ – 2 players – Taito – 1990

This game is carnage and makes for the most entertaining arcade football experience with cheating encouraged and wild celebrations the norm.

15. Lucky & Wild – 2/3 Players – Namco – 1992

This is the Starsky & Hutch, Tubbs & Crocket, Riggs & Murtaugh and Tango & Cash simulator. Officially it’s a two player game but with a steering wheel and two lightguns to manage then 3 players can really have a laugh in this amazing game!

16. Puzzle Bobble – 2 Players – Taito – 1994

The best arcade puzzler ever. Anyone can pick this up and play immediately and two player games are the best fun!

17. Bad Dudes – 2 Players – Data East – 1988

My first experience of working through an arcade game cooperatively and this game is still great to play to this day.

18. Battletoads – 3 Players – Rare – 1994

A rarity in the arcades of the UK but such an awesome multiplayer game if you get the chance to play it.

19. Rampage – 3 Players – Bally Midway – 1986

Three Godzilla sized monsters on a rampage at the same time, what’s not to like?!!

20. X-Men – 6 Players! – Konami – 1992

6 players at the same time in a side scrolling beat em up! It’s like Final Fight on ‘roids!

BONUS: Super Off Road Racer – 3 Players – Leland – 1989

Three steering wheels protrude from the cabinet of this beast just inviting you to a off road showdown with your pals….

There you have it. A multi players paradise. The Games Freezer Multiplayer Bar would be THE place to come and have a great night out with your buddies.

I just need some money to buy all these cabinets and then some more money to rent out the ideal space in London!

The dream remains a dream but there’s nothing wrong with having a dream eh!?!

Would YOU Visit?

Which Video Games Would YOU Add To My 21?

Let Me Know In The comments Box below...

"Stay Frosty"

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