☆ London's First Virtual Reality Arcade Is COMING JUNE 2017! ☆

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So London is finally getting its first Virtual Reality Arcade in June 2017!

Not only that, it's also getting a great place to meet friends, eat, drink and listen to awesome music from guest DJ's.

Throw into the mix some retro gaming delights and I think I have found this summer's must-see London venue!

More excitingly is that the venue is currently a closely guarded secret set in the heart of London!

The crew from 'Other Worlds' are promising to bring the very latest in Virtual Reality gaming and experiences to the city for the first time by reviving the dying arcade concept and giving it a futuristic twist. 

Opening in June (3rd & 4th), Virtual thrill seekers will gain access to the highest end of the technology with a wide choice of games across multiple stations. 

The currently secret locations will be revealed mid-April 2017 but rest assured there are going to be some unreal places lined up to get your gaming fix. Think secret dungeons rooftops and all manner of other cool otherworldly places!

Offering a totally immersive gaming experience this is set to be a pop-up sensation of the Summer.

I'm also very excited to announce that Other Worlds will also feature a playable hall of video gaming fame, with games on offer from gaming past right up to the present day.

The sessions will be split into Day and Night sessions. Day sessions being open to all ages and feature games with suitable content for younger users. Come night time the arcade will get more adult and edgy with gaming themed cocktails, the latest street food and some very special guest DJ's. 

The whole arcade will be set against a neon landscape to create a futuristic hangout for gamers of today and gamers of yesteryear!

The Other Worlds website is inviting people to sign up for early access to tickets at

Also, you can get involved on 

I don't know about YOU but I'm excited for June 2017!

"Stay Frosty"

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