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Chime Sharp - PS4

Chime Sharp is a cool puzzle game that immediately grabs my attention as it looks and feels like a step up from the first game which was called Chime.

The visuals and the colours pop out at you immediately and the animations are used brilliantly to give you a satisfaction as pieces lock together. The big thing for me is the music score, it’s awesome. You will love this game just for the music if nothing else but luckily there’s a lot more to love about this cool game.

Chime Sharp’s music is punctuated with artists such as Chvrches, Magic Sword,  and Kavisnky (look them up as I had to as well).
There’s a nice variety to the music which further enhances each level and ensures all the levels are vibrant and interesting.  The music comes together as you snap game pieces together and fill up each board.

A measure of any good puzzle game is does it grab you instantly? Well, Chime Sharp is easy to pick up and play within just a few moments but like all the great puzzle games it takes skill along with tactics to get really good at it and complete each board it throws at you.

At the outset, you are given one mode to play with which is a time attack mode that you can extend through bonuses by completing new ground on the board. The real fun in standard mode comes from the final moments of the game as you keep extending the time by creating new quads in new areas, but each new one addition only extends the timer by a handful of seconds so the race is on my friends! The goal is to hit 90% coverage so as to unlock a completely new level along with additional modes that are unlocked to play at the same level.

You’ll find that you learn all this on the fly as the game does not prep with how the multiplier and advance mechanic works, but as I say you’ll work that out as you go along (or if you are reading this handy review)

There are in total four game modes in Chime Sharp and I’d say most of my time was spent with standard mode and the Sharp mode.
Sharp mode sees you trying to cover 90% of the board to progress but with the added twist of health bars that deplete when unused pieces expire on you. If you create 4×3 quads your health meter fills back up. It’s a nice tactical mode which forces you to think out strategies to progress rather than being a timed rush to the finish line.

With an awesome soundtrack and a decent amount of challenge on each new level, Chime Sharp is good fun for any puzzle game fan. 

Its visuals are great and each part of the game plays well. For me, most puzzle games do get a bit tedious on long play sessions but for me, I play puzzle games in short blasts and this delivers that perfectly. 

Grab it if you want a musical puzzle blast to brighten up your gaming day and give you a break from the world for an afternoon.


Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Just Falls Short Of Greatness)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

Review By Rich

Dev Link: www.kuju.com/zoemode
Game Link: www.chimesharp.com

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