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There are so many games that I would love to see get the remake/reboot treatment and this 7 are my real desires.

Kickstarters are a wonderful thing and if Shenmue 3 can get made then I’m certain the following 7 would garner enough support in a Kickstarter world to get made.

 Take a look, see what you think and have a think about what you’d add to the list…

1. Last Ninja (C64)

This is a series that seemed so far ahead of its time on the C64 especially at the time of Last Ninja 2 back in the days of 1988. I loved what seemed like open world exploration and the way the game made you use your brain as well as your brawn.
A  reboot of the series or just a Last Ninja 4 in the spirit of the original series would get me mega excited.

2. Syndicate (AMIGA)

This game has been awaiting a true reboot for a long time. Satellite Reign was made and release in 2015 as a spiritual successor but it wasn’t the Syndicate that I wanted to see. Then there was the game that was Syndicate in name only in 2012 and released as a first-person tactical shooter.
Basically, I want to see a Syndicate remake or a Syndicate 2!

3. Metal Gear 1 & 2 (NES)

Imagine how awesome these games could be if they were revisited by Kojima and HD remastered but with the same look and feel as the NES originals. Maybe perfect for the Nintendo SWITCH?!

4. Super Metroid (SNES)

One of the greatest games of all time cannot be bettered but it could be revisited and polished up or even a direct Super Metroid 2D side-scrolling sequel could be made. The fans would love to see this and it is oh so possible!

5. Footballer Of The Year 2 (Atari 800 XE/XL)

The number of hours I poured into this amazing title was unreal. I was a footballer. My career was on the line every time I played. Pure brilliance. This game was created in a manner by New Star Soccer but I’d love to see a Footballer Of The Year 3!

6. Mutant League Football (AMIGA)

This is a surprise inclusion for me because I only ever played the Amiga DEMO disk on the front of Amiga format BUT what a demo it was. I played the life out of it and then some! Bring this awesome take on American Footy back!

7. Streets Of Rage (MD)

The ultimate go to side scrolling beat-em-up needs the reboot it deserves.
What a game and what a following this behemoth still has!

That’s my 7, Which Games Would YOU Pick?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below...

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