☆ Review: Loot Rascals "It's Time To Go Rescue Big Barry!" ☆ #PS4

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Loot Rascals (PS4)

The first thing to mention with this quirky cool dungeon crawler is the fresh and funky art style.

It's cartoony and stands out from the get go and is crafted really well. 

It's aiming for the He-Man cartoon aesthetic in a retro style and it hits it on the head perfectly!

The game will throw new creatures and situations up at you on each play through as it's
enemies pop up out of nowhere as it's a cool roguelike game with an added card system that is used in combat scenarios.

The card system gives you 5 sets of cards and you will choose 1 for the top row and 1 for the bottom. Generally, these are offensive & defensive card types with added conditions associated with the cards being played.

You'll need to place every card strategically in your effort to take on the challenging and varied enemies.

There are also additional cards that can be played which can involve zap, hit, heal and teleport to name a few. These cards can be played and then have a recharge period associated with them.

The other cards that can be deployed need tokens to activate which is the in-game currency to enable things like teleport and explode.

Each new floor you encounter during exploration will give you the main base to explore from which has its own mini quests to tackle. You are also able to go back to this base at any point in the game if required.

One gameplay element that needs to be mentioned and is critical to the way you play is the Night to Day cycles that occur in the game. These cycles will favour certain enemies who fight better at night or day. Therefore it's imperative that you attack enemies at right time of day. 

Overall the game difficulty is high but that's exactly what you expect from a roguelike game (right?!)

The random encounters dictate that you may encounter a mega tough enemy on your first turn on the first outing.

I feel that this cool game does things a little different to most games of this ilk and by doing this keeps the dungeon crawling roguelike gameplay fresh.

I'd recommend this cool Dungeon Crawler if you like your roguelike tough as nails video games and I feel that it has lots of retro sci-fi ideas that are implemented really well with great looking creature designs and a little something different for all the dungeon crawlers out there!

Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Just Falls Short Of Greatness)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)


Dev Link: www.thehollowponds.com
Game Link: www.lootrascals.com

"Stay Frosty"

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