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I'm a big fan of the A-Team (who isn't?!) I was just thinking today that I can't ever recall an A-Team video game.

You can imagine that there is plenty of potential with an A Team game for a squad based tactical shooter of some kind. 

You could have some RPG elements in there and some great potential story line and side missions.

Imagine the fun you could have with modding the van with all sorts of cool add ons.

At this point I did what everyone does in this situation and googled it......

This is what I found....
1988 - Various - Apparently there was an A Team game on Amstrad CPC, MSX, Atari 2600 & ZX Spectrum back in the 80's where you played as BA's head and shot bad guys on screen and then when it was game over you heard the cool A-Team theme tune. It turns out that this was never released.

1980 Something - LCD Game - What about this cool looking A-Team LCD game with a MR T surround. This looks awesome! I'd love to get my hands on this beauty!

2010 - Smart Phone Game - Before the 2010 release of the A-Team film there was a cool looking smartphone game released by Game House. I haven't played it before but it's a classicly styled top down shooter with nice looking visuals.

2010 - Google Earth A Team Game - A promotional browser game was built using Google earth's technology. It enabled you to drive around in the A Team van in the Google Earth version of the world. A kind of cool game for around 10 minutes, but alas not the great A Team game I have been searching for..

That my friends is all I could find.....

Am I missing something?

It seems like this is the biggest missed opportunity for a great video game ever!!

4 members of a crack commando team all with different skills and abilities has the makings of an amazing video game. 

Imagine the crafting sections. Imagine the planning section (led by Hannibal). Imagine flying a helicopter using Murdoch's skills. Mr T fighting his way through bad guys. Face using his charm to talk his way out of tricky situations. 

Absolutely limitless unrealised potential......

Was there another A Team Video game that I missed?

Let me know in the comments section below

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