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A selection of games in this bulletin, from the shooty-shooty-bang-bang of Postal Redux to the quizzical quandaries of Who Wants to be a Millionaire via some 32-bit stylings, courtesy of Metroidvania-lite, Foregone.

Postal Redux – 7/10

Running With Scissors released the original Postal back in 1997 and the Redux version came to PC in 2016 with this, the Switch port arriving in October 2020. 

Whilst the visual and gameplay balancing has been tastily upgraded and new modes added, the fundamentals remain the same. 

You are a dude going Postal and bullets will come out of your guns and go into people…some possibly innocent, who’s to say?

Whilst I’m far more familiar with Postal 2, playing Postal Redux was an enjoyable and accessible experience. The twin-stick mechanics are a natural fit for the isometric shooter genre and I was quite taken with how evocative the backgrounds are, from the rural mountain town levels through to the carnivals and parks in between.

Whilst the core gameplay is quite simple and the game itself is pretty brief at a couple of hours, it’s a perfect title to pick up and play for a few quick blasts and the extra modes such as Rampage mode, alongside the various difficulty levels add some replay value. 

It may not be a game-changing title but the smooth controls, satisfying gunplay and especially the hand-drawn visuals really hold up and this, the first console port is a welcome addition to the Switch library at a very fair price point. 

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