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The year is 2075. I am 97 and high octane, anti-gravity, full combat motorsport is all the rage and The Pacer World Championship is where it’s at!  

Pacer is clearly inspired by its successful predecessor WipEout. But does this play homage or does it do what Weekend at Bernie’s 2 did to Weekend at Bernie’s? Let us find out… 

Within 30 secs, I am hit with a robotic John Carpenter playing synth. It’s a good start! 

Turns out the soundtrack is pretty special with over 80 tracks, curated by CoLd SToRAGE, aka Tim Wright who I just discovered is a fellow Welshman and you will know from titles such, WipEout (obvs), Lemmings and so much more. It’s great, and definitely needs to be louder in-game so strap on some headphones and let the music consume you.  

Career mode is the obvious place to start as it’s here where you will hone your skills to become a top gun pilot and it’s here you will make the discovery that you can fully customise your craft. There is even a wicked Halloween pack…very festive. 

As with all racing games, there is a much-needed tutorial in the form of a training mode where you learn that this is not just an attempt to clone WipEout, Pacer is fully armed to the teeth - Mario Kart on acid! 

Career mode will guide you through the classes, and across 14 impressively detailed tracks. Some of which are familiar ground to WipEout hardcore. 

As with all racing games, my usual driving style is to view the vehicle, 3rd person, as I like to see the craftsmanship and in this game, there is a lot to admire. 

The spacecraft are a thing of beauty and the racetracks are something the Romans would be proud of. However, this game is all about speed and demands you hit that triangle (PS4) and slide into cockpit mode for a real sense of speed and to experience the full twitchiness.  

“Wait, X is accelerate, really?!” 

Was my initial my thought but after a couple of laps it starts to make sense as it frees up the paddles for aggressive turning which is twitchier than my bird watching…I’m enjoying this! 

Any experienced players will pick this up pretty quickly and start battling with the AI for that top spot…or is this just me? *wink*. I am ready for some online action!   

The Multiplayer takes Pacer to another level supporting up to 10 players, 7 game modes and the all-important VOIP…apparently. Sadly, the online servers were not available at the time of this review, which is a shame as this will be the bread and butter for Pacer and where the game will shine like a freshly waxed car – buckle up people, it’s going to get competitive! 

We didn’t want a sequel to Weekend at Bernie’s, we NEEDED it and the same can be said for Pacer, as it’s clearly one of the best follow-ups to WipEout (outside of the franchise) we’ve all been waiting for for…isn't it?

AFFILIATE GAME LINK: https://link.xsolla.com/Nl09W7Uo (use code P7XSVY for a 5% discount)

Review By: Co-op Chris (@showmemagic)


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