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There’s a side of retro gaming from the arcades scene that probably doesn’t get enough coverage and that is Retro Slot Machines from the ’80s and ’90s.

Whilst taking a retrogaming trip down memory lane my first thoughts will normally drift towards the likes of the Golden Axe arcade and Outrun games of the ’80s and the NBA Jam cabinets of the ’90s.

But nestled at the back of every arcade was and still is those fruit machines from the past that are forever etched in our memories with their flashing lights and awesome artwork emblazoned across the front of them.

As a kid, I was allowed to play the 10p slot machines and the 2p OXO machines and then as I grew up and visited pubs and bars more often I would play a few goes on the pub and kebab shop machines whilst waiting for my mates to get the drinks in.

So, which retro slot machines get my nostalgia gland working overtime?

Well, let’s see if I can give you 5 of the best retro slot machines from my childhood and teenage years so as you can see how far we’ve come from these retro slot machines right up until today’s online slots and you’ll also see how very similar to online slots these legends of the slots world are!

5. Barcrest - Crystal Maze - 1992
Does it get more 90’s than a Crystal Maze Fruit Machine? I don’t think so! It was everyone’s favourite TV show in the 90’s alongside Games Master and the slot machine was so much fun to play with its Crystal Maze themed boards.

4. Maygay - Eastenders - 1994
With the art design based on Albert Square, this was a classic slot machine that would be guaranteed to pull a crowd in any pub or chip shop across the UK.

3. Maygay - Homer’s Meltdown - 1999
A Simpson’s based slot machine has universal appeal across the world and this slot was lots of fun to play back in the day. I’ll always try and find one of these machines when I’m in an arcade but alas there’s too many about nowadays.

2. Barcrest - Addams Family - 2001
Being a big fan of the Addams Family movies this was always a big draw of a machine for me and one that still plays well to this day. If you see it, play it and just listen out for those awesome sound effects! (just look at that artwork!)

1.Bell Fruit - Football Crazy
Being a massive football fan means that any time I played this fruity then it would put a massive smile on my face. Good luck finding this in the wild though as I haven’t played it in years!

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