๐Ÿ’ฃ My 13 Favourite Video Games Weapons ๐Ÿ’ฃ #Retrogaming

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A few days ago I decided to compile a list of my personal favourite video games weapons from over the years. 

These are the weapons that have stuck with me over the course of decades of gaming. 

They either have a special place in my heart or they are just damned cool.

Either way I've come up with 13 beauties, so let me know what your favourites are...

13. Dart Gun - Fallout 3

What happens when you combine a Paint Gun, Toy Car, Surgical Tubing and a rad scorpion gland? You get one of the most understated but badass handguns in all of video gaming! After being scared of the Deathclaws for so long this was so good to use on them as you popped a dart into their leg and watched them crumble! Saucy!

12. Fireball - Street Fighter II

The fireball produced by Ken and Ryu was surrounded in mysticism in the 90s arcades that I would frequent. If someone could pull this off in our local chippy then they were a superstar. Over time the fireball became a staple of any Street Fighters weaponry but for those few months when this cabinet first rolled out it was like something from another world!

11. The Golden Gun - Golden Eye 007

A gun so revered and one which sets itself apart by being a high-risk, high-reward weapon as it holds a single bullet at any time and it must be reloaded every time it is fired. Pair this with the fact that it can kill any enemy in the game with a single shot and you have a legendary video game weapon right there!

10. NUKE - Lemmings

100 Lemmings drop onto an island, get stuck and get NUKED! The Lemmings game was and still is a fiendishly clever puzzle gaming concept and then add in the option to wipe out the whole of your Lemming flock and you have one of the best weapons for annihilation in all of video gaming.

9. Red Shell - Super Mario Kart

Forget the homing missile, what about a homing Koopa Shell that sends your opponents spinning at the most innopportune times! The red shell on the SNES version of Super Mario Kart was divine intervention from the gaming gods that made multiplayer sessions the most fun to be had with any video game ever. I would argue that since the SNES version the various power ups became over powered and frustrating rather than fun and that the original red shell & green shell combo was balanced perfectly...

8. Holy Hand Grenade - Worms

A weapon so amazing it was sent from the heavens above AKA Monty Python and makes the most satisfying sound when used. Did you know it also features in Fallout New vegas too?

7. Fiber Wire - Hitman 2

The epitome of stealth kills excellence the Fibre Wire made you feel like a badass HITMAN and pulling off a Fiber Wire only streak was akin to being a certified gaming legend.

6. Sniper Rifle - Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid was the first game that made me feel like I was in a movie. You became Snake and lived out every single scene of the game. Now throw in a Sniper Rifle to scene that was so involving and you have the perfect weapon game combo. Meanwhile, gobble down those Diazepam and keep a steady hand...

5. Chainsaw Bayonet - Gears Of War

I bought an XBOX 360 specifically to play Gears Of War. Little did I know that the Chainsaw Bayonet would live with me forever beyond that first time of playing. Gruesome yet awesome. Gritty yet shitty. A weapon of visceral carnage.

4. Scorpion's Spear - Mortal Kombat

Fighting games didn't really do cool weapons before Mortal Kombat rocked up and ripped our spines out and speared us to a virtual wall. Scorpion was like no other brother and boy was he cool as heck as he proclaimed "GET OVER HERE!" for the first time in 1992! "COME HERE!"

3. Homing Missiles - Midnight Resistance

Once upon a time me and my mate Johnny played lots of Commodore 64 games and then we stumbled across a magazine with a Midnight resistance Demo tape stuck on the front. The rest is history. Midnight resistance was like playing an arcade game in your front room. It had epic music and amazing graphics but it also had HOMING MISSILES! Oh how we adored those homing missiles as they took out your foes with minimal effort. We played that demo to death and never purchased the full game but all we needed was those homing missiles. What a sight, what a weapon!

2. BFG - DOOM 2016

Prior to 2016 i'd heard of the BFG but never experienced it first hand. My DOOM experience was zero and my reverence for the series was in passing. Then I purchased DOOM 2016 on my PS4 because of the guys at www.giantbomb.com giving it 2nd place behind Hitman 2016 which was an amazing game also. I knew it was time to take my DOOM virginity and oh my word was I changed forever. The game makes you work hard for the BFG and when you get it it's everything that I wanted it to be...

1. Gravity Gun & Sawblade - Half life 2

A pairing as good as Morecambe & Wise, Sheringham & Klinsmann and Fanny & Faldo the Gravity Gun with a dash of saw blade is the most satisfying weapon combo ever placed into any video game. It's simple yet ingenious and above all, it's so much fun. Now pair that with Ravenholm and you have the biggest triple threat in video games history.


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