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Anshar Studios’ Gamedec was completely unknown to me until I stumbled across it on a press release. After reading briefly about it, some keywords stood out; ‘cyberpunk’, ‘combat-free’ ‘isometric’ all terms that ruffle my hair and feed me good bourbon.

Booting up the Alpha version sent to me, I was surprised by how smooth and complete the section of the game so far available is. The visuals are clean, sharp and smooth and the flow of the game feels snappy. Good.

The title of ‘Gamedec’ is a contraction of the lead characters’ job as a Game Detective. This doesn’t mean he delves into mysteries like, ’why didn’t Crash City Mayhem get a physical release in Europe so that Britt can complete his beloved Runabout collection’ but instead focuses on his career of looking into game-related crime in this futuristic world - deaths whilst the player is locked in virtual reality video games and the like.

Whilst the Noir is heavy here, with our protagonist living alone, sporting a long trench coat and getting dragged into the machinations of the rich and unpleasant; the decision to make the game dialogue and choice heavy, eschewing all combat is a bold and in my eyes, perfect move.

It makes the player pay attention to all of the lore unlocked in the in-game codex and dialogue trees have multiple rabbit-hole like paths that all hold weight and the customisation and skill trees all feel very different and are intriguing to dive into.

Gamedec is a game that I will be keeping an eye on so close that it could quite comfortably get a legal injunction out against me and I’d completely understand.

With no need to worry about clunky turn-based combat or stealth sections, the opportunity to explore a narratively rich world with such a deep history to dig into, whilst poring over every single decision your character makes is one that I can imagine will get a lot of twitches-in-britches.

What are you waiting for?

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