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The gaming market is bigger than ever before, and that's especially true of the indie scene. For gamers that are sick of battle royales and Souls-likes, that's a refreshing promise. 

But the constant flow of new indie and AAA games can be overwhelming if you aren't following it studiously. 

But with 2020 coming to a close, here are the online games you should be paying attention to.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Remember what we just said about interchangeable battle royales? Fall Guys is the exception. Rather than drop you into a battlefield littered with guns, Fall Guys puts you in charge of a rotund little character and sets you against your opponents on a series of wild obstacle courses. It maintains the chaos that the genre is known for but places a greater emphasis on chance, creating a much lower barrier to entry for newer players. 

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Despite a legacy that lasts over a quarter of a century, Magic: The Gathering is still going strong as one of the most popular board games in the world. But if you find the years of legacy - or the cost of investing in cards - to be intimidating, Arena offers a sensible solution. It's free to play, and that means that you can test drive the cards and get a feel for the mechanics underpinning the game.

Sushi Party

Sushi Party offers a polished twist on the breakout game Agar.io, which is itself an expansion of the simple phone game Snake. Beneath its colourful characters and whimsical design, Sushi Party is easy to understand and scaled well to the needs of less experienced players. Your goal is to last as long as possible, eating player-controlled creatures that are smaller than you while steering clear of larger predators. But the bigger you become, the bigger the target you're going to have on your back. Play the game here.

Among Us

Social deduction games like Werewolf and Secret Hitler have become some of the hottest properties in gaming, but Among Us proves that those basic principles can be applied just as well to video games. The graphics here are basic, and that's kind of the point. Instead, you'll have to rely on bluffing, observation, and guesswork to figure out which of the crewmates on your spaceship are actually impostors looking to knock off the rest of the crew and get away with it.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact may look like a clone of Breath of the Wild at first blush, but there's a whole lot of interest bubbling just beneath the surface. The vast world is free to explore, and the game itself is free to play, but you'll definitely want to invest some time if you want to unlock all of the playable characters. Exploration and puzzle-solving is the core of the experience here, but the variety of different characters and the rock paper scissors based mechanics really lend a unique layer of strategy to the experience.

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