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Over the years the online slot industry has proven itself to be incredibly adept at using new technology to make its games even more popular amongst the gamblers of the world, and it has got to the point where the online slot industry dwarfs any other part of the overall gambling market in 2020. There are far more people gambling online, for example, and the vast majority of those are doing so on the range of excellent modern online slots available today. 

Playing slots like Centurion by Inspired Gaming can make it seem as though the market has reached the end of its development, as these games really are just that good. But here’s the thing: the slots industry has never been one to sit still, and ever since Charles D. Fey’s day it has constantly sought to be as innovative as possible. The most exciting new development in the field has got to be VR in regard to online slots, a new piece of technology that could flip the entire industry on its head. But what is VR, and how is it impacting online slots at www.wizardslots.com? Read ahead to find out! 

A Brief Lowdown on VR 

So, before we get into the nit and gritty let’s take the time to give a brief lowdown on VR. It stands for Virtual Reality and is a type of technology that seeks to give a highly realistic emulation of reality, often through the use of a headset. Now, virtual reality has existed as a concept for a few hundred years now, although back in the 19th century it meant something a lot different. 

Back then “virtual reality” theatres would do things such as squirt water onto the audience when there was a wet scene, whereas nowadays the experience is a lot more advanced. Modern developments like the Oculus Rift headset means that people can truly experience a different reality. The headset monitors your movements and uses motion-sensitive technology to emulate a virtual reality inside the headset, it is pretty crazy! 

Do VR Online Slots Exist?

There are already a few virtual reality online casinos in operation today, in which there are a variety of slots that you can play. But here’s the thing: whilst VR slots technically do exist, they still aren’t that exciting. This is because the VR slots available today are only VR in that you sit down at a virtual machine in a virtual casino. 

This is slightly different from what many people imagine when they first hear about virtual reality slots. These people expect a virtual reality slot that you can actually get inside and play, and whilst this isn’t available at the moment, it is sure to become a reality in the near future.  

How will VR shape the online slots industry in the future?

When virtual reality slots start hitting the market on a commercial scale many gambling analysts expect the online slot industry to grow even bigger in size.


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